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Tag: Thoughts

The Plan Moving Forward

Okay, It might be clear to you guys but I don’t really know what I am or should be doing with this website. But I am working on it and good news, I have a plan. It is mostly a plan, at least 5% of a plan. This plan, this good plan is as follows. Step 1: Begin writing summaries for sessions and my thoughts on the session. I have uploaded all my session notes for all the completed sessions for my DnD group. I will continue to upload my… Read more The Plan Moving Forward

Fighter: Looking for Redemption

Hey Human People, Fighters are a straight forward class. You hit things multiple times and you hit them hard. A lot of people argue they struggle in the late game due to no magic and limited range options (javelins and bows people, come on). While this may be true in some case’s (looking at you eldritch Knight), it just means you to have to put more thought into your role-playing and backstory. Without anymore ramblings here are my thoughts for a fighter backstory. Race: Any (Str bonus would be nice)Archetype:… Read more Fighter: Looking for Redemption

My DnD this year.

Hey Human People, For most of 2018-2019 I have been running two DnD campaigns. One was the lost mines of phandalin for a group of new players and the other was for my old DnD group and was a homebrew. It was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it was also amazeballs. Both of my groups offered a very different experience, they both had things I liked and didn’t like. The new group was made up of a younger crowd than I am used to playing with. Well I am in… Read more My DnD this year.