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Session 14: Planning a Journey

 The Situation: Party has finished a lunch date with Hataa and Keiran Tweedie. They were able to provide them with some information on the manor and the party was able to purchase a lot of magical items. They now need to return to the manor and finish clearing it out, collect their armor, and make their travel plans to get to Draken wood and the Ember Fields.  Manor: has the following journals Dream Journal: If I woke up a pastry, I would just eat myself. I wouldn’t even question it. … Read more Session 14: Planning a Journey

Session 13: Letters and Choices

The Situation: The Party is resting at the Tiny Dragon Inn and inspecting the Kings Letters. They had a harrowing experience in the Manor where they refused Fealora’s bargains, Killed the Gauth, burned down the library, and woke up some flying swords. Carre attempted to lock the swords in the Manor but they got out. Party needs to decide what to do now: go back to Manor or head out for Kings Quests. The king’s gifts: A writ empowering them to act in the Kings name in regards to The… Read more Session 13: Letters and Choices

Session 12: There’s a Beholder in the Basement

The Situation: The Party is battered and bruised after their fight with the oozes. Their attempts to claim the Manor are going poorly. A Gauth that has been residing in the cellar and feeding on the binding stone and various other magical items. It ventured upstairs, drawn by the noise of combat and holds Carre and Tssarra at an extreme disadvantage while Asteri stands by the gate and Chioh is marking the outskirts of the walls. Party can deal with the Gauth or Fight it Gauth’s Bargain: Eddlax – (4… Read more Session 12: There’s a Beholder in the Basement

Session 11: Manor Maintenance

The Situation: The party has met with King Andras and Keruxa and agreed to assist him with some of his problems. The murdered dragon, the attacks on the Wood Elves, and the High Elves negotiating with Dosmyrr. Before they go deal with any of these problems they want to claim the Manor as their own, which the King has given them permission for and it appears his court wizard Asmund new about. The party is also expecting a package from the King with gold and letters for their quests. The… Read more Session 11: Manor Maintenance

Session 10: Finding the Deed

The Situation: Party is inside Fealora’s prison and trapped inside the Manor House. They need to leave the house by Finding the Deed and making the house theirs or dispell their way out of the Manor. Keruxa is also waiting for them to return the bird so that they can meet the King who has some concerns about the state of the Kingdom. Fealora’s Instructions: -Travel to the Feywild (Twilight Kingdom, Eternal Glade, Wicked Garden) – Find a crossing, deal with its guardian, Hags or Druids may know. (Rings of… Read more Session 10: Finding the Deed

Session 9: House Shopping

The Situation: Party has entered the Manor of Jamros Abin. They were lead in by a shadow puppy and trapped. They need to progress through the manor and change the name on the deed (in private study) to make the house allow them to leave. Tssarra can try and cast dispell magic on the door to leave. DC 23. Follow map events. Shadow puppy tries to lead them through the Manor to the Mirror. Offers comments when they are moving through the manor. I wouldn’t get dirt on the rug.… Read more Session 9: House Shopping

Session 8: A Day in the Capital

The Situation: Party has arrived in Orrinwold; reported to Keruxa and received their rewards. Keruxa offered them more work in a few days after he looks into the Headale curse. Party has taken lodging at the Tiny Dragon Inn and Chioh has set a meeting with a woman called Lily who was tailing them from the palace for the coming night. What the party wants to do and Events to Happen in the City: Carrie wants to Investigate Crypt at the Cathedral (Nothing to Find); Talk to his Sponsor (Not… Read more Session 8: A Day in the Capital

Session 7: The Squire, The Knight, and the Griffon.

The Situation: The party is on their way to Orrinwold to inform Keruxabradaxu about the curse on Headale. After regaling the young copper dragon Zemidriath with numerous tales at his insistence. As the party draws closer to Orrinwold a Griffin attacks the party. Roll initiative. As a shriek pierces the air, Your horse’s go berserk, Chioh is thrown from his horse as it bolts away. From the air, a creature plummets to the ground. A wicked curved beak extends from its face resembling that of an eagle, glossy golden feathers… Read more Session 7: The Squire, The Knight, and the Griffon.