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Tag: Characters

Cleric: Forge

The Premise: I have always wanted to play a dwarf, they are after all one of the iconic DnD races. Their gruff demeanor and commitment to clan and family have also been appealing to me. While dwarf fighters and clerics are pretty common after all they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I thought an interesting twist would be to play a dwarf who was a talented smith but just wanted to use his talents for making mechanical toys. Race: Dwarf (Hill) As you may have guessed from the… Read more Cleric: Forge

Warlock Celestial

Warlock Celestial: Character Creation The Premise: I have always wanted to play that con artist/street kid who bought into the idea of hustling people and then gets caught and getting caught is the end for him. Then he is offered a chance but he has to act counter to his nature. This is done like in Final Space, where every time he commits a crime his sentence is increased and good deeds decrease his sentence. Race: While half-elf is probably the best race for charisma based classes like the Warlock,… Read more Warlock Celestial