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Characters| The Purpose

After writing my first Character and backstory, I was not overly pleased with the result. I decided to re-focus and decide what I want to accomplish with these posts. First: I want people to have a tangible result. This means a completed character sheet, characters will be leveled to 3 as I don’t think character creation is finished till you get your subclass, that can be downloaded at the end (I will leave character names blank). Then you humans can alter it however you please. Second: I want to walk… Read more Characters| The Purpose

Session 1 : The Quest from the Golden Dragon

Flashback: As Dusk looms you find yourself on the outskirts of Headale, a small mountain town, known if at all for cheese and wool. A curious place for a dragon to send you. You still remember the slight nerves as you were lead into the palace grounds, “Your  presence at the palace is requested said the messenger and the armored and armed escort made it hard to refuse, fucking knights. Still it was another surprise when you were lead not into the palace but to a grounds hut.. Inside you… Read more Session 1 : The Quest from the Golden Dragon

Fighter: Looking for Redemption

Hey Human People, Fighters are a straight forward class. You hit things multiple times and you hit them hard. A lot of people argue they struggle in the late game due to no magic and limited range options (javelins and bows people, come on). While this may be true in some case’s (looking at you eldritch Knight), it just means you to have to put more thought into your role-playing and backstory. Without anymore ramblings here are my thoughts for a fighter backstory. Race: Any (Str bonus would be nice)Archetype:… Read more Fighter: Looking for Redemption

Problem Player

I know I am terrible at writing summaries considering they should be short but I had some issues in my last session that I have been thinking about. I have a problem player at my table. They are not rude or crossing lines, they don’t talk over other players or refuse to role play. Their issues is that they don’t run their character well in combat. They abandon other characters after putting them in danger, spend rounds of combat not doing anything, and then complain about the combat in game… Read more Problem Player

Summary Part 2.

Picking up were we left off. The party, which I suppose I should tell you consists of a Wizard (Evocation), Druid (Circle of the Moon), Bard (Lore), and a Barbarian (Tempest), is headed for a ruined tower up in the mountains. It is off a ravine pass that connects Headale to Lynwitch (a city a crossed the mountains). The Druid was especially excited as crag cats prowl these mountains. I use the unearthed arcane rules for druids learning wild shapes so he wanted become one. Being a kind human being… Read more Summary Part 2.

My Current Campaign

My current campaign is probably the best one I have run so far (humble brag). After I TPK’ed my players last characters I had a week to create a new campaign. I set it in the same world as the last campaign but on a different continent. It is surprising how pressure and guilt can motivate a man. Regardless my Bremron campaign has been a lot of fun and that is the measure of success in an cooperative tabletop RPG. I started them off with a curse. They began at… Read more My Current Campaign

Starting my Current Campaign: The Pitches

For my website being about DnD campaigns I am running, I have neglected to write about my current Campaign. Let me fix that. So following a totally unexpected TPK, the dice gods can be cruel. I had to write another beginning to a campaign in a week. So following Mat Colvilles advice, I wrote my peeps some campaign pitches. I think I gave them 4 home-brew options and of course the modules. One was set in our current setting of Yon Kairon a kinda analogy of the Middle East, vast… Read more Starting my Current Campaign: The Pitches

Running two DnD games.

Hey Human People, Running a game for two separate groups is a lot like dating two people at the same time (I imagine). What works for one group will not work with the other. My newbie group was the younger girlfriend, you know the one, that wants to go partying, hangout with friends, always on the go, extroverted shit. Never taking things seriously just here for a good time. Now the other group was the classy girl. Likes the finer things, provides sophisticated conversation, invests more into the relationship because… Read more Running two DnD games.