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Category: Session

Summary Part 2.

Picking up were we left off. The party, which I suppose I should tell you consists of a Wizard (Evocation), Druid (Circle of the Moon), Bard (Lore), and a Barbarian (Tempest), is headed for a ruined tower up in the mountains. It is off a ravine pass that connects Headale to Lynwitch (a city a crossed the mountains). The Druid was especially excited as crag cats prowl these mountains. I use the unearthed arcane rules for druids learning wild shapes so he wanted become one. Being a kind human being… Read more Summary Part 2.

My Current Campaign

My current campaign is probably the best one I have run so far (humble brag). After I TPK’ed my players last characters I had a week to create a new campaign. I set it in the same world as the last campaign but on a different continent. It is surprising how pressure and guilt can motivate a man. Regardless my Bremron campaign has been a lot of fun and that is the measure of success in an cooperative tabletop RPG. I started them off with a curse. They began at… Read more My Current Campaign