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Session 7: The Squire, The Knight, and the Griffon.

The Situation: The party is on their way to Orrinwold to inform Keruxabradaxu about the curse on Headale. After regaling the young copper dragon Zemidriath with numerous tales at his insistence. As the party draws closer to Orrinwold a Griffin attacks the party. Roll initiative. As a shriek pierces the air, Your horse’s go berserk, Chioh is thrown from his horse as it bolts away. From the air, a creature plummets to the ground. A wicked curved beak extends from its face resembling that of an eagle, glossy golden feathers… Read more Session 7: The Squire, The Knight, and the Griffon.

Session 6: A Poor Resting Place

The Situation: Party has freed Asteri from petrification and journey into the sinkhole, discovering Ludwig Mendel in a state of near death, and a figure of dark energy. The party defeated the guardian and has been unable to approach the figurine. The party decided to take a long rest in the chamber as they have the Gorgon above, waiting. Travel Times: 3hrs (F); 3½ hrs (M); 4hrs (S) to tower, + 1hr to Black Peggy What the party might do: Take a long rest (resulting in being attacked by shadows… Read more Session 6: A Poor Resting Place

Session 5: Down the Hole

The Situation: Having attained stonethrush and using it to craft a salve to cure petrification, the party is ready and able to cure Asteri but still have the Gorgon to deal with and the sinkhole to investigate. Travel Times: 3hrs (F); 3½ hrs (M); 4hrs (S) to tower, + 1hr to Black Peggy What I think the party might do: Go to the Tower to Cure Asteri (Mongo is smashed) Look for supplies in Headale Search for more raiding Parties Can visit Black Peggy again The Tower: Built off of… Read more Session 5: Down the Hole

Session 4: Wolf and Thrush

The Situation: The party is still trying to cure Asteri and Mongo of petrification though Mongo has lost an arm and been damaged. They have narrowed down the area to search for stonethrush and talked to Black Peggy; who offered them 4 bargains to cure their friends. They left to discuss the deals and beat the night. Camping again outside Headale. Travel Times: 3hrs (F); 3½ hrs (M); 4hrs (S) to tower, + 1hr to Black Peggy What I think the party might do: Try to convince townsfolk to help… Read more Session 4: Wolf and Thrush

Session 3: Stone to Flesh

The Situation: Two of the party members have been petrified by the Gorgon, while searching for Ludwig. The other two fled back and out of town. They stopped and retrieved Sir Eidans letter to Keruxabradaxu and spoke to Rinwald Drossen about healing petrification. He has a scroll of greater restoration for sale (550gps but can be taken on credit). The party also knows petrification is not lethal and stonethrush is a rare plant that can cure petrification. Finding Stonethrush:   Party can immediately set of to find stonethrush, can go… Read more Session 3: Stone to Flesh

Session 2: What’s Happening in Headale?

The Situation: The party has successfully escaped from Headale after witnessing the townsfolk going feral and tearing each other apart when the sun went down. They were in the town looking for Ludwig Mendal, a relic hunter for the dragon Keruxabradaxu, ambassador to the king. Notes: -Tonnis Willet, a skinny fellow with blonde hair, hooked nose, blue eyes. Lead the party into Headale and made them unable to leave before the sun went down. He did this as he wanted the wizard to get stuck in the town with them… Read more Session 2: What’s Happening in Headale?

Session 1 : The Quest from the Golden Dragon

Flashback: As Dusk looms you find yourself on the outskirts of Headale, a small mountain town, known if at all for cheese and wool. A curious place for a dragon to send you. You still remember the slight nerves as you were lead into the palace grounds, “Your  presence at the palace is requested said the messenger and the armored and armed escort made it hard to refuse, fucking knights. Still it was another surprise when you were lead not into the palace but to a grounds hut.. Inside you… Read more Session 1 : The Quest from the Golden Dragon

Summary Part 2.

Picking up were we left off. The party, which I suppose I should tell you consists of a Wizard (Evocation), Druid (Circle of the Moon), Bard (Lore), and a Barbarian (Tempest), is headed for a ruined tower up in the mountains. It is off a ravine pass that connects Headale to Lynwitch (a city a crossed the mountains). The Druid was especially excited as crag cats prowl these mountains. I use the unearthed arcane rules for druids learning wild shapes so he wanted become one. Being a kind human being… Read more Summary Part 2.