Session 24: A Meeting with Kazimir

 The Situation: After spending the day attempting to contact the High Chairs of Seyrine, making contact with Viachaslav (Tsarra’s Friend) and questioning him about the slain dragon and lenses. The party then attended the Morning Star Theater production with Tsarra’s parents and meet up with Viachaslav and his Master KAzimir Ironstaff. This got them a better seat and a telepathic conversation with Kazimir who offered to send them his aid in-plane shifting to the base of the Huntsmen plaguing the Kiths. The party agreed to meet him the next day after lunch.


  1. Have the Party Meet with Kazimir
  2. Plane shift (find out where they end up)
  3. Have the Party end up in the Fey Dark.
  4. Combat with the minions of an Aboleth

Traveling through Spellheart:

  • Greenhouse on grounds for pseudodragons (Tarhun Bronzescale)
  • Dueling Area
  • Tower sparkles and pulses with energy. The inside fades with the light sparkling all throughout the tower-like stars.
  • Enters into a grand hall that fits everyone inside comfortably no matter the number, On the Archway is two glass figurines arms extended forming the arch with wand and staff.

Kazimirs Office:

A simple room, that is dominated by a large Oak desk covered in scrolls and parchment. Shelves filled with books line the walls and a side table has a tea set upon it. There is a door on each wall of the chamber, closed. Besides the large desk is a simple Ironstaff hanging horizontally in mid-air.

  • will attempt to convince the players to travel to The Root Well.
  • Gives them an amulet of the Planes. Its function is hidden behind magic (Nystuls Magic Aura 2nd level)

Plane Shift (DC 15 intelligence)

On a Success: Players are transported to Root Well in the Feydark

On a Failure: Players are cast through the planes and are pulled into Olympus

  • Astral Plane: A vast silverly sea with whirling wisps of white and grey streaking by distant motes of light.
  • Plane of Air:  A massive Hurricane, darkens an endless expanse, lightning flashes through the sky and numerous smaller tornadoes form on the periphery.
  • Elysium: A breathtaking field that glimmer with life and beauty in its prime.
  • The Gaping Maw (Abyss): A dark primeval jungle, the lush vegetation shakes as something massive moves within.
  • Avernus (Nine Hells): Rocky wasteland with rivers of blood and fiery comets plummet to the ground. Legions of devils march against a horde of demons. Mechanical war machines race before the legions.

Olympus: Encounter x2 Battleforce Angels

As you fall back into reality, you tumble onto a hard stone floor, You are on a stone greek pavilion of round columns. Set into the sides of a seemingly endless mountain. The peak extends beyond sight into clouds above while the base is too far below to see. Thunder and lightening peel above you as a storm rages in the clouds with fiery light illuminating the clouds, plunging from them is a gold dragon of gigantic proportions, on his back and sides, are angelic figures plunging their swords into his scales, above you see another choir of angels gets incinerated by another Gold dragons breath. A battle rages above, dragons versus angels. As you watch the battle rage two angels break off and fly in your direction: Initiative

  • Angels curse party as heretics, non-believers, apostles
  • Party can be saved by a Gold dragon but if the party wins on their own it tells Carrie you are not ready, leave this place. 
  • Hopefully, the party will head to Root Well (They do not know how the amulet works)

Root Well: Encounter x8 Sahuagin; x1 Deep Scion

A large cavern that extends up into the darkness, crisscrossing the cavern walls are massive roots all reaching into 4 large pools of soft light, light blue moss emits an eerie glow throughout the cavern (dim light). A series of tunnels leads away from the cavern. As you take stock of your surroundings, you notice figures rising from the water around you: Initiative

After combat, the image of the Aboleth Da-rudasin (players don’t know it is only an image) rises from the water.  It is a large aquatic creature some 20-25 ft in length, 3 eyes pure black rest on its brow, its body seems to split into 3 tentacles that break off from its fin.

  • Chastises the players for slaying what doesn’t belong to them.
  • They trespass in the domain of a god, provide an offering for passage or information (if the party chooses information he gives it but then has more servants attack them.
  • I have other slaves that heed my call.
  • Kazimir came here long ago “He wanted to be free of his shackles”

Do the players climb the roots, head into the Tunnels, or dive into the pools to face the Aboleth? Do they use the amulet again?

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