Session 23: A Star Performance

The Situation: After a heated brunch with Tsarra’s family, the party attempted to gain audiences with the High Chairs of Seyrine. Being informed of the extensive waiting period, the party began thinking of alternative ways to gain admittance to the High Chairs. One such thought was putting on a performance at the Morning Star Theatre. The party eventually abandoned this idea, but still performed at the Lone Song to an approving audience. The following day, they checked back in with the Court of Song and Rosewood Assembly to see if there was any change to their waiting period and Tsarra decided to check in with an old friend at Spellheart.


  1. Tsarra talks with Viachaslav
  2. Morning Star Theatre production and meeting Kazimir and Aelor
  3. Meeting the Lady of Feathers
  4. Kazimir and the Fey Dark
  5. In the Fey Dark 

Meeting Viachaslav: 

  • Tsarra needs to present a gift to the Tower, a magic item, spell scroll, or spellbook, or page from a spellbook.
  • Alternatively, she can ask one of the Heartguard to send an apprentice for him, he will come get her and pay the cost. 

Viachaslav wants to know the following:

  • Why are you back?
  • How are you?
  • Caught up in politics that’s why you left this place.
  • He studies spell enhancement, I was right about my magnification theory.
  • He is loyal to Kazimir as he wants to be free
  • Invites her to Morning Star theatre to meet Kazimir and Aelor

Spellheart Features: 

  • Greenhouse on grounds for psuedodragons
  • Dueling Area
  • Tower sparkles and pulses with energy. The inside fades with the light sparkling all throughout the tower-like stars.
  • Enters into a grand hall that fits everyone inside comfortably no matter the number, On the Archway is two glass figurines arms extended forming the arch with wand and staff.
  • Takes her to his room or walk the grounds

The Morning Star Theatre: A play at the Morning star Theatre

Party attends the Morning Star Theatre with Tsarra’s parents. With the leaf, curtains pulled back it reveals a series of hills dotted with blankets and lanterns. A platform rises from the ground of white wood with 3 large trees providing a canopy above.  Stands spiral around the surrounding trees, filled to the bursting with elves and gnomes, centaurs clump together below the branches, restless energy fills the theatre, a suppressed excitement.  

  • While the party gets settled they spot V and two men (Kazimir and Aelor); they are invited to join them along with her parents and companions.
  • Kazimir attempts to communicate to them all telepathically (wants them to meet him at Spellheart as they have common concerns)

The play: 

The scene opens in pitch darkness and then light blossoms and beneath a garden blooms, glorious and pristine. Three elves tend it (DC 20 Perception one has a silver star with a blue heart, another has a quill necklace and walks with a bo staff, the last has a ring with a purple gem) all of giving speeches on how they will care for it. Throughout the play, they inadvertently get in each other way as they are all only focused on what they are doing. (Very 3 stoogies) In the end the garden is in disrepair. 

-if the party manages to get the Lady in Feathers attention she assign’s Shanairla to tutor Asteri. If Asteri does well gets: 

“If a creature has a Bardic Inspiration die from you and casts a spell, the creature can roll that die and add the number rolled to one damage or healing roll of the spell. The Bardic Inspiration die is then lost.”

Kazimir’s Study:

A simple room, that is dominated by a large Oak desk covered in scrolls and parchment. Shelves filled with books line the walls and a side table has a tea set upon it. There is a door on each wall of the chamber, closed. Beside the large desk is a simple Ironstaff hanging horizontally in mid air.

  • will attempt to convince the players to travel to The Root Well.
  • Gives them an amulet of the Planes. 

Root Well:

A large cavern that extends up into darkness, crisscrossing the cavern walls are massive roots all reaching into a 4 large pools, light blue moss emits an eerie glow throughout the cavern (dim light). A series of tunnels leads away from the cavern.

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