Session 22: A Family Reunion

The Situation: The party has been reunited and spent the day catching up, planning, and conversing with the Tree Speakers Commune about the troubles in the Dracken Wood and their plans to combat it. After their meeting with the Tree Speakers Commune, Chioh received some advice and aid from Hadarai Othronus and with the coming Dawn, the party prepared to have brunch with Tssarra’s parents.


  1. Discuss new rules with party
  2. Roleplay hard the meeting between Tssara and her parents.
  3. Provide some Lore about the world.
  4. Have the party meet with Riardon Verdin, Aelar Ostroth, or Kazimir Ironstaff.
  5. Have the party go to Spellheart.

Tssarra’s Home:  

The Door opens to your father, the rest of you immediately see who Tssara takes after in the family, he has the same tan skin and brown hair, though his is cut shorter than tssarra’s. He wears a well-made tunic that extends to the knees and is a soft blue and green. “You are home daughter, you were missed as he takes your hands in his (in elvish). He introduces himself to the rest of you and invites you inside. The familiar sight of home greets you Tssara, but the rest of you see a refined home of gracefully lines and smoothed edges, A gently spiraling walkway to the right, that you know leads to the bedrooms, you see a small dining room and studio as you are lead down a hallway, a small kitchen, and pantry till you are lead to perhaps the best feature of the house, a balcony overlooking the city of Seyrine, and Spellheart itself. On the balcony is a bountiful spread of food, cheeses, bread, wine, juices, assorted fruit and nuts slices of venison, all laid out on a table surrounded by cushions (Nushala thought it would make chioh more comfortable). Seated cross-legged on a cushion is your mother. A woman of controlled poise and rigid grace. She has fair golden skin, light brown hair, and appears short for an elf, like tssarra herself. They also have the same eyes, while it is said she mostly takes after her father, her and her mother share the same eyes. She is dressed in a simple robe of silver with blue trim. She stands as she greets you. 

  • Turgan (Father) is happy to see Tssarra “our daughter has returned home”
  • Nushala (Mother) is not impressed, strict and unapproving. 
    • She is working with Kazimir Ironstaff to build relations with Dosmyrr
    • Will not talk about it, it is best for Seyrine, she is scared.
    • With DC 20 persuasion set up a meeting with Aelar Ostroth (Chair of Innculcation) or Riardon Verdil (Chair of Passions)
    • Tried to stop attacks on Wood Elves but couldn’t. 
    • Knows Miron Nazarov (Legendary General of Dosmyrr has been put in charge of conquering Bremron. 
    • Can invite them to a play at the morning star theatre (To tend a Garden)


Encircled by an invisible wall, two pillars mark the entrance to Spellheart. Spellheart is itself a sight to behold. A massive tree made of a sparkling crystal substance, it splits into five massive limbs, all interconnected by arching paths. 

  • Party can visit Spellheart to see:
    • Kazimir Ironstaff (has a floating staff, no quests for the party, they are a distraction for him (V will take the party to him if he thinks they have seen his designs and have ill intent).
    • Viachaslav (V); Tssarra’s friend. He is working on empowering spells through focus lenses. Party can find designs of luminark in his workspace. He covers them as they come in.
    • Aelar Ostroth (Chair of Innculcation); he sees them as a favor to Nushala. Has very little patience. He gives them 5 minutes. 

– While within Spellhearts grounds they can see pseudodragons tended by Tarhun Bronzescale, an orphan, found in the woods. No aptitude for magic but the pseudodragons like him so he is able to stay, very defensive of the pseudodragons. 

-Tssarra can see a previous professor Joleth Embercast (Professor Embers), Joleth didn’t like Tssarra and wanted her gone, thought she was a poor student, and ungrateful for the opportunity.  

Events to happen:

  • Party sees the flocks of birds take off in a great cloud and begin to spread over the Dracken Wood. 
  • Morning Star Theatre play happens, everyone is talking about it if the party doesn’t go.
  • If taken to Kazimir, he will attempt to have them plane shift to the Feywild (The Bargain of Felora keeps them trapped on the plane), tells the truth of wanting to free mages from the Martyrs shackles of the Doctrine(Doesn’t say he still wants dosmyrr to conquer the world and have mages rule it). Needs the resources of Spellheart and the Precept of Magic (Tome of Hecate) (Laws of Magic).

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