Session 21 : An Elvish City

The Situation: The party has arrived at Seyrine after traveling with the Sky Runners Herd. During their travels, they assisted the young centaur Rhan, learned of the Sorrow of Rhun Kalcara, and inquired of the TRee Speakers Commune. Now they find themselves within the walls of Seyrine, a city unconcerned with their mission and where they are outsiders. The party looks to find accommodations at the Inn of the Lone Song.


  1. Have the party meet up with Tsarra at the Lone Song.
  2. Explore the city.
  3. Engage with one of the power centers (Spellheart, Court of Songs, Rosewood Assembly)
  4. Have Tssarra meet with her parents.
  5. Highlight birds flocking to Seyrine.

Inn of the Lone Song:

  • Run by Symma Fiddlefen (Female Forest Gnome), who has three weasels that run around the inn.  Symma is kind and very happy to have customers who are not elves and willing to pay for stuff. 
  • Inn has a mixture of gnome sized tables and human-sized tables. A bar that has a slant that drinks our slide down. There is a broken Harp hanging behind the bar. 
  • Symma can tell the party
    • About the play at The Morning Star Theatre: Tending a Wilting Rose.
    • OakenAsh working with Treespeakers Commune: summoning birds
    • OakenAsh can provide work.
    • Elfcrest Association can provide work. Speak to Peren Xithrist. (Poachers and Smugglers)
    • Captain Sarial Hlanna can provide work (Captain of Bronze Leafs) against Poachers and Smugglers
    • Heros half-knight can tell the party about Ki-rin and challenges to get pegasus.

Tssarra’s Home:  

Set in the lower levels of the Boughs, you climb one of the many winding paths up the elder trees. You follow a familiar trail made of intertwined branches and leaves, past homes that seem to merge with the nature around them till you come to a house that winds up the trunk of the tree. Your home, a none descript door stands in front of you with a knot knocker. 

  • Turgan (Father) is happy to see Tssarra “our daughter has returned home”
  • Nushala (Mother) is not impressed, strict and unapproving. 
    • She is working with Kazimir Ironstaff to build relations with Dosmyrr
    • Will not talk about it, it is best for Seyrine, she is scared.
    • Will with DC 20 persuasion set up a meeting with Aelar Ostroth (Chair of Innculcation) or Riardon Verdil (Chair of Passions)
    • Tried to stop attacks on Wood Elves but couldn’t. 


Encircled by an invisible wall, two pillars mark the entrance to Spellheart. Spellheart is itself a sight to behold. A massive tree made of a sparkling crystal substance, it splits into five massive limbs, all interconnected by arching paths. 

  • Party can visit Spellheart to see:
    • Kazimir Ironstaff (has a floating staff, no quests for the party, they are a distraction for him.
    • Viachaslav (V); Tssarra’s friend. He is working on empowering spells through focus lenses. Party can find designs of luminark in his workspace. He covers them as they come in.
    • Aelar Ostroth (Chair of Innculcation); he sees them as a favor to Nushala. Has very little patience. He gives them 5 minutes. 

– While within Spellhearts grounds they can see pseudodragons tended by Tarhun Bronzescale, an orphan, found in the woods. No aptitude for magic but the pseudodragons like him so he is able to stay, very defensive of the pseudodragons. 

-Tssarra can see a previous professor Joleth Embercast (Professor Embers), Joleth didn’t like Tssarra and wanted her gone, thought she was a poor student, and ungrateful for the opportunity.  

Tree Speakers Commune & OakenAsh:

They are working together to gather flocks of birds to explore the woods and find the intruders. They will then hunt them down. Party can assist. 

  • Party can also investigate news of corruption
  • Hear members complain about The Seaters not taking action to assist. 
  • Speak to Carric Firahel (OakenAsh), Hadarai Othronus (TSC), Russano (TSC)
  • Chioh can learn animal forms from any. Russano(is a social justice warrior) can teach him to make known forms giant. (DC 24)

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