Session 20 : The Sky Runners

The Situation: The Party is continuing their journey to Seyrine after finding the remains of the kith of Falling Leaves in Autumn. While investigating the remains they were attacked by Redcaps. Overcoming this assault, they carried on to find a slumbering cave bear, Chioh awakens the bear to befriend it but it was very angry. Devolving to a fight, a local wood elf intervened and left the party with a warning to respect the ways of nature or find themselves unwelcome in the Dracken Wood. 


  1. Have the Party make it to the Scorched Road (Dosmyrr’s Sin)
    1. Meet the Sky Runners Herd
    2. Learn how the TreeSpeakers Commune Tends the Forest
    3. Learn about Woodland Familiar Bonds (Carric Firahel “OakenAsh” or Blossoms “Treespeaker Commune” can conduct the ritual.
    4. Have some Downtime while traveling with Sky Runners Herd
  2. Have the party see if scouting or shown if not, some odd tracks, if the party follows:
    1. High Stealth, sneak up on Dosmyrrian Forces
    2. Low Stealth, ambushed by Dosmyrrian Forces
  3. Have the Party arrive at Seyrine
    1. Have them wander around the city
    2. Let them see a play. 


Herd of the Sky Runners

Party reaches the scorched road, a massive scar across the expanse of the Dracken Wood large enough for 10 men to walk abreast. While crossing it the party is set upon by a centaur Herd.

  1. The Centaurs think they are spies or assasins from Dosmyrr 
  2. Chioh being a Wood Elf gives them pause, want to know which Kith he is a part off?
  3. Mr. Telonius Hats token will get them taken to the Chieftess.
  4. Chieftess is Helvar Sky Runner
  5. Leaves them in the Charge of Rhan, the centaur that brought them to the herd

Rhan is a young centaur, he is very curious about the outside world which amazes him as he knows nothing about it. He is willing to overlook the distrust he is taught to befriend the characters.

Centaur Names Male: Lyceron, Joleth, Rhan, Adone, Galeis

Centaur Names Female: Phanar, Helvar, Callisa

Heading to Seyrine

  • Party Travels with the Sky Runners toward Seyrine
  • Chance for them to talk to Rhan, learn about Seyrine, Dracken Wood, Current problems
  • While traveling, the party has some downtime.
  • Near Seyrine, spot an odd track, leads them to Dosmyrr Raiding party.

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