Campaign Diary | Session 20

Session 20: The Sky Runners


I was pretty unprepared for this session. I knew I wanted to get them to Seyrine as I was getting tired of narrating travel and wanted to lay out a plot hook for them to track the group attacking the Kiths. I also wanted to make it difficult for them to get access to important people in Seyrine as they have been flashing the Kings Writ around lately. Still, this was a session that I figured would test my improve skills. 


The party moved ever closer to Seyrine. While traveling through the Dracken Wood, the party came to a break in the Trees, a massive road carved through the Dracken Wood, a remnant of Dosmyrr’s invasion of Bremron. It was at this crossing that the party heard the hooves of horses. They had come upon the Sky Runners, a centaur herd traveling to Seyrine. The party was able to convince the Sky Runners to let them travel with them to Seyrine, thanks to the Druid. The journey to the elvish city took a little over 2 weeks. During that time the party learned about the Dracken woods governing body the Tree Speakers Commune, assisted Rhaan, an adolescent centaur with shooting a bow, and learned of the Sorrow. The party arrived at Seyrine and learn that the High Elves care little for the problems of human kingdoms and that they had no idea how to contact the ruling chairs of Seyrine or how to contact the Tree Speakers Commune. The session ended with the party trying to decide on an inn. 

After Thoughts:

What stood out for me this session was my player’s response to my lore drop. As a DM a lot of world-building you do is just for yourself. Your players never learn it or are disinterested. My players really enjoyed the story of the Sorrow of Rhun Kalcara. The set-up for it also really worked because they asked for it. I had mentioned it in passing once or twice in-game, but never expanded on it till now. It felt great to get validation on something you worked hard on. I also introduced my party to a new NPC Rhaan, the young centaur who is struggling to be a hunter, who was assigned to watch over the party while they traveled with the herd. The party liked his youthful exuberance and curiosity, he was also the only friendly face they had with the Sky Runners who distrust humans and outsiders. He was also a kind of underdog character that the players could take under their wing.  I just felt like Dming was worth it in that session and that I might actually be good at it. I am looking forward to introducing them to Seyrine next week, plus my other player might be returning.

The Sorrow of Rhun Kalcara

Following the Last Shaping, many people were without home or hearth. While we resided in the Draken Wood, safe and secure in the bounty of the forest or brethren wondered the broken earth. It was in this time that the House of Tordynnar found their way to the forest. A house of grace and nobility, the Tordynnar had gathered our scattered brothers and lead them to our borders. They asked for our aid and we gave it, how could we not as so passionately did the head of Tordynnar speak that we were moved to action. Near the Dawntide did we let them settle and from the mountains did they pull stone to rise their city as they did not know the way of shaping the trees. Proud was their city and just was it under the leadership of the house of Tordynnar, who lead his people wisely and respected the harmony of the forest. Indeed, the Tordynnar came to our aid in defending our forest many times during the chaos of the time, perhaps this is what weakened them so. When the King was away, guarding the forest, and the city was still young an ancient threat descended upon them. Moilhalleath an ancient poison in the world, came to Kalcara to claim its glory for its own. He stole the Crown of Tordynnar and fled to his lair, when the King returned he found his people in mourning and his birthright gone. Gathering his sons he swore to return his peoples legacy. They went into the Maze of Moil with his 4 sons, so blessed was the house of Tordynnar, and his brother. The days turned to years passed his peoples hope diminished, could their great King have failed? Alas, their fears where confirmed with the beating of wings, Moilhalleath had come for his vengeance, as we now know the King and his sons had braved the maze and found the dragons lair where the King scared the beast but the dragons breath stole the sight from their eyes and burned their lungs; while full of grace and just, the king was slain and his sons had their eyes torn out and left to wander the maze, what happened to the brother we do not know but one son found his way through the maze to tell the tale of his kin. Moilhalleath enraged by his wound and not satisfied with the cruelty he had already inflicted on the house of Tordynnar, turned his ire to eradicating the houses legacy and so he fell on the city of Kalcara wearing the Crown of Tordynnar, its defenders without hope or sight to aim their bows and its people choking in the streets fled before the Dragon known now as Elf’s Bane. The few who managed to escape where gathered by the kiths and taken to Seyrine to heal. Moilhalleath has taunted the suvivors ever since, resting in his lair with the crown laying on his brow. None have returned who have attempted to retrieve. Thus our sorrow continues.

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