Session 19: Falling Leaves

The Situation: The Party has entered the Dracken Wood, heading for the Elven City of Seyrine to negotiate with the High Chairs. Chioh, a native of the Forest has been leading them. As they entered the Forest, the first snows of winter fell.  As they traveled through the forest, a chance encounter with the awakened badger, Mr. Hats gave them insight into the current climate of the Dracken Wood. The party now heads for the Kith of Autumn Leaves in an effort to travel with them to Seyrine.

Session Goals: 

  1. Run the Redcap combat encounter.
  2. Have the party meet a Centaur Herd, that can travel with them to Seyrine
  3. Spot tracks, miles away from Redcap encounter
  4. Try and introduce the villain who is hunting the Wood Elves.

Redcap Encounter (13 using Darkling stats)

While the party is looking for the Kith, have them make survival checks.

  • A good roll, they are following the trail
  • A bad roll, they stumble into the camp sight
  • Either way, the party finds the camp just as the sun is going done

Party walks into a massacre. The Kith of the Falling Leaves are scattered about, their bodies torn and broken. Some are hanging from branches but of the scores of bodies not one is moving. As the sun sinks low and your sight switches to darkvision, the carrion eaters take flight in rush of feathers and caws. Squirming from under or from within the bodies are small humanoids, covered in filthy and grim, wielding rusted scythes and picks, and sharpened teeth. Roll for initiative. 

Herd of the Sky Runners

As the party travels toward Seyrine they come upon the Scorched Road (Dosmyrr’s Sin). A path carved through the Forest. Large enough for 10 men to walk abreast, new growth sprouts from the ground and stumps cut to the dirt little the path.  As you are crossing this path the sound of rises from the woods as a group of centaurs come dashing out, spears and bows in hand. 

  • The Centaurs think they are spies or assasins from Dosmyrr 
  • Chioh being a Wood Elf gives them pause, want to know which Kith he is a part off?
  • Mr. Telonius Hats token will get them taken to the Chieftess.
  • Chieftess is Helvar Sky Runner
  • Leaves them in the Charge of Rhan, the centaur that brought them to the herd

 Heading to Seyrine

  • Party Travels with the Sky Runners toward Seyrine
  • Chance for them to talk to Rhan, learn about Seyrine, Dracken Wood, Current problems
  • While traveling, the party has some downtime.
  • Near Seyrine, spot an odd track, leads them to Dosmyrr Raiding party.

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