Campaign Diary | Session 18

Session 18: A Path to Tread


I like to think I can throw together a compelling narrative or engaging combat encounter, but where I suffer is speaking in character. I often fall back on just summarizing the information players receive. I think I can do better, so that is the focus of this session. I am going to try and actively speak as my NPC’s.  This session should be role-play heavy, matches nicely with my goal, as they have a meeting with the King and then travel time. Hopefully, they will finally decide on a direction and perhaps a group name.


This session began with the party attending a meeting with King Andras and other nobility. During this meeting, it was decided that the party would continue into the Dracken Wood and the Silver Knights would pursue the raiders. The party then headed off for the Dracken Wood after requisitioning some supplies from the quartermaster. As they set out, they encountered Keruxabradaxu waiting for them along the road. He wished them well on their journey and gave them a warning about their conflicting agreements and the Dracken Wood. He set his hawk companion along with them to the edge of the forest. As the entered the bounds of the Dracken Wood, the first snows of winter began to fall, scarcely noticed beneath the boughs of the towering trees. The party under the guidance headed for the elven city of Seyrine. Along the way, they encountered Mr. Hats, an awakened badger that informed them that the Wood Elves were fleeing to Seyrine to avoid the monsters that hunt them and the City of Seyrine may not be welcoming. We finished the session with the party heading toward a nearby kith of wood elves that would help guide them to Seyrine.

After Thoughts:

Following this session, I was left with a few thoughts. First, I think it went really well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and were interacting during the session with NPCs and each other. Second, improvisation is hard. I believe during this last session I both successfully and unsuccessfully improvised. During the meeting with the King, while the King was arguing with a noble, I wanted to have something for the players to interact with so I improvised Keruxabradaxu magically whispering in their ears through one of his exotic birds. This fell kinda flat as everything I was saying was a little played out. I successfully improvised the party’s meeting with Mr. Hats. An awakened badger wearing a vest and hat, he engaged the party in conversation over scones and was a delight. I find players are always happier when your NPCs are helpful. Mr. Hats was a loose thought I had for a possible future encounter but when a player rolled a natural 20 I brought him out early. Everything about his current job of meeting with Kiths to bring them into Seyrine was made up and well received.

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