Session 18: A Path to Tread

The Situation: After surviving an ambush by Mussadarian Raiders, where they fought men, orcs, and lycanthropes. At the end of the battle, the party discovered the remains of the Dragon they had been sent to investigate had been stolen. The party amidst an argument of whether they should continue on their path to Dracken Wood or pursue the raiders into Mussadar were summoned to a meeting with the King. The party also reached 6th level.

Session Goals:

  1. Work on Roleplay (Try and Engage in actual conversation as King Andras)
  2. Have the Party Decide where they want to go (no pressure)
  3. Run an Encounter on their journey.
  4. Write a player out of the story until they are ready to come back.

Meeting the King:

  • Asmund teleported King Andras, 4 guards, and 1 servant to the camp.
  • Moudra Mystan the Black teleported Grand Duke Adonis Myros and 2 guards to the camp.
  • Northmaer Readgrim is present at the meeting along with Sir Gerhard Silverhand of the Silver Knights.

Party walks in to the King having an argument with Adonis Myros. 

  • I will not fight a war on 2 fronts when we know so little of our enemy. Enough Adonis, I know well what you desire and you will not have it.  War is coming Adonis and Fyrrdin will stand at the fore.

Northmaers tent is cramped with so many inside. King Andras sits at the desk with Nortmaer and Gerhald seated on chests. Keruxa reclines on the ground patting an exotic bird and a dark-skinned man of lean build and dark hair and eyes, with a hawkish face paces.  The attractive Asmund with his wave golden hair stands apart from a black scaled dragon born.

The king turns his head to your direction, do you having anything of importance to add to this disaster?

  • King wants to know if they remain in his employ and what their intentions are now?
  • Roleplay Talking to the King. Have Keruxabradaxu whisper in their ear information about everyone else in the room while NPC’s are talking.

Party needs to decide where they are going and head in that direction

Dracken Wood:

 It takes a day and a half for you to enter the sprawling expanse of the Dracken wood. You now travel under the boughs of 200ft tall trees, Firs, Birch, Maples, Oaks, and Pines all extending into the sky, with the growth of years. The forest feels alive with life, even on its well-tended edges. As you travel Chioh, you feel the peace of a wild and healthy forest. One blooming with life and content. The birds sing high in the boughs well the circle of life plays out endlessly below with all manner of creatures.

As you travel deeper into the forest, the paths become less tended, wilder, the growth thicker and the paths more laden with debris. Larger woodland creatures now appear. 

Traveling for 3 days, you encounter none of the woodland folk. 

-party needs to set up camp

– if they roll well, Chioh remembers a good campsite/spot further up and make it their near dark.

-if they roll poorly, they stumble upon it when with the dying light.

Clearing of the Red Hat

As you approach the clearing, the feeling of the forest changes. The birdsong becomes infused with sorrow and the trees themselves cry with the fading life. The scene in front of you is one of heartbreak. Amidst the clearing are scores of bodies, Your people, Chioh. Spread out in the clearing, some hanging from trees, all dead and bloodstained. Men, Women, Children, the elders. All were cut down. Tents and belongings are strewn about, trampled into the ground. Crows and other carrion eaters skulk around the perimeter. With the dying light, as your eyes begin to switch to darkvision a body twitches.

Redcaps are grim covered little murders, welding rusty weapons, and hats covered in dried blood. Use the stats of Darklings

Traveling the next day, the party meets a centaur herd heading for Seyrine. Herd spots tracks of things, one human. 

Centaur Names Male: Lyceron, Joleth, Rhan, Adone, Galeis

Centaur Names Female: Phanar, Helvar, Callisa

 Traveling to Mussaddar: Party will be able to travel to Mussaddar by 3 different routes.

  • Party will also want to get silver weapons before heading to Mussadar
  1. Follow the Raiders over the mountains, Very Dangerous
  2. Travel to Headale and follow the path through to Lynwithch
  3. Travel to HelmHold and circle around the Skycrest mountains

Over Skycrest

  • Takes about a week to reach the mountains than 4 days to cross it
  • As party reaches the mountains, it starts to snow.
  • While crossing the mountains, party discovers an Ettin carrying a Saber-Tooth Tiger into a cave. Talking about how they going to eat it. Tiger is still alive. There is another Ettin inside the Cave.

Heading to Headale or to Helmhold

  • While traveling it begins to snow
  • Party encounters a 10-foot radius dome at a campsite. The dome is opaque. Veiled ones from Mussadar are resting inside. Attack the party if they remain outside the dome. Can have up to 10 creatures in dome.
  • 3 soldiers, 2 thayan Warriors, 1 Thayan Apprentice

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