Campaign Diary | Session 17

Session 17: The Theft of a Dragon

Pre-Session Thoughts:

I was a little concerned going into this session as me and the Druid were both pretty fatigued going into the session. Myself from being sick and him from work. I was concerned as this was meant to be the big battle session and I figured it would require a lot of energy from me. The druid also had to run two characters as our Wizard was taking a leave of absence due to family issues and as seems to be the norm this year, we haven’t played in two weeks.


This session began at the start of the ambush. The party awoke to a massive battle erupting around them and as they left their tent, they were set upon by tribesmen of Mussaddar and their lycanthrope allies. A well-placed fireball and most of the party being casters let them make quick work of their opponents. Their foes defeated, they found themselves in the middle of a battle, the sounding of horns and calls of “rally to the center” drew them into a harrowing race toward a defensive formation. On route, they dodged a falling griffin, leaped overburning tents, and charged into the defensive square as a giant bear. Barreling through the shield wall allowed groups of enemies to pour through and they had to stem the tide. After defeating the Orcs and Ogre that had attempted to take advantage of their arrival, they assist in holding the square, notably interrupting an enemy spell caster who was up to no good.  The battle was ended by the arrival of 3 chromatic dragons who quickly brought the enemy forces to a route. The party spent the following hours resting or assisting the camp with tending the wounded. They were eventually summoned by Northmaer who informed them that the remains of Sadraphluxis were stolen. The remains were teleported away by the combining of teleportation circles though it seemed to kill 3 of the casters. The party spent the rest of the session arguing about whether they should follow the raiders or continue into the Dracken Wood. The session ended with the party being summoned by King Andras Wilmot “The OathKing”. 

Post Session Thoughts:

This session left me with one real though, Dm’s be kind to yourselves. While I thought I had done a poor job narrating the battle and running them through the skills challenge. All my players commented on how much they enjoyed the session and found the battle awesome. It just goes to show that often our biggest critic is ourselves. The Druid was a champ with running two players and roleplaying them both. While this was a combat-heavy session the party did demonstrate some strong character traits in their post-battle decisions. I did have one major change to my plan by having the King show up. Totally not intended but the party wanted to confer with him so bad before making their decision I figured why not. It is plausible the King would come personally to hear what happened and he has a high-level court mage.

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