Session 17: The theft of a Dragon

The Situation: The Party has arrived at the Garrison around the remains of Sadraphyluxis. They spent the day investigating the death of the dragon and learned a streak of light burned a sizeable hole into the side of the dragon, 3 lenses of small size were discovered at the origin of the flash, and the party found a teleportation circle near the hill it originated from. The party also meet Northmaer Raedgrim commander of the Garrison, Sir Toussaint Biset leader of the Silver Knight detachment, and Greta Glimmercraft apprentice mage to Moudra Mystan (the black). The party informed both Northmaer and Toussaint about their findings before turning in for the night, where they were awoken to the sound of combat.

Session Goals: 

  1. Be ambushed by the Barbarians and Orcs of Mussadar, Combat then Skill Challenge, eventually saved by Dragons.
  2. Have the Party decide if they should push on to the Dracken Wood or follow the raiders back to Mussadar. 
  3. Begin the to either Mussadar or The Dracken Wood.

Ambush: 6 tribesmen and 1 Werewolf (Possibly a Berserker)

You all bedded down for the night, casting spells for peace of mind and falling into a slumber, the clash of iron on iron and the call to arms wakes you from your sleep. As you rise in the darkness, hands grasping for weapons, the sounds of combat seem to emit from all around, the cries of men and shriek of horses as wolf howls fill the air interrupted by explosions as the smell of blood and smoke reaches you. Leaving the tent, madness is all you see, as man struggles against man, orc, and two-legged beasts. The burning of distant fires provides you light to see but amidst the smoke, you see only the horror of war. From this horror, a group of six tribesmen, wearing tattered furs and clutching spears of bone and stone, come rushing toward you. It is not the tribesmen that give you pause but the beast that follows them, well it walks like a man, its body is cover in thick fur matted with blood that drips from its claws. Its face is that of a wolf, and its bloody maw twists into a grin at the sight of you as it howls with its charge. Roll initiative. (Ask who is wearing armor)

Sleeping in armor rules

Sleeping in light armor has no adverse effect on the wearer, but sleeping in medium or heavy armor makes it difficult to recover fully during a long rest.

When you finish a long rest during which you slept in medium or heavy armor, you regain only one-quarter of your spent Hit Dice (minimum of one die). If you have any levels of exhaustion, the rest doesn’t reduce your exhaustion level.

Skill Challenge: 5 success to make it to defensive square and then 4 success to hold square. Every 3 failures is a new combat encounter. 

DeceptionPretend to be with the enemy
Performance Rally nearby Troops
StealthSneak past enemies
IntimidateScare Away Enemies
AthleticsRun through Group of Enemies

Combat Encounters for Failures:: 

  1. Thayan Apprentice & Fire Elemental
  2. An Ogre Chain Brute & 3 Orcs
  3. A Werebear & Werewolf
  4. A Mage & Veteran

Ambush Events:

  1. Griffin Rider falls from the sky.
  2. Mage explodes groups of soldiers (Dex Save take half damage of fireball on fail (4d6))
  3. Calvary rushes by, Dex Saving throw, fail take 2d6 bludgeoning dmg. (Random member)
  4. Burning wagon rushes by

Aftermath: (after four success within the defensive square)

As the lines of the squares begin to merge amidst the dim of battle a clear horn sounds out, then another, and again. Raising into the air, to be swept up in the thunder of wings. From the dark sky, 3 large shapes emerge from the smoke above, as they swoop low a torrent of ice (Silver – Charaborosa (Frill on neck and two claws on wings, Frill on chin like a goatee)), fire (Brass – Zalarmandros (wings extend from tail to shoulders like a flying squirrel)), and lightning (Bronze – Marvorung (has a pattern of green scales amongst the bronze, green frill, and green patches on wings)) erupts from their maws. Swaths of enemies are blasted, burned, or frozen in front of you. The raiders break en mass against the sheer destruction of 3 dragons (Adult silver dragon and younger bronze and brass dragons). The fighting just melts away as everyone stands in horrified awe as the dragons pass back and forth spewing death on the raiders as the ember fields are once again alight with the breath of Dragons.

-Northmaer Raedgrim or Sir Gerhard Silverhand can tell the party that the remains of Sadraphyluxis have been stolen by the raiders. The remains of teleportation circles are burned into the ground and 3 bursts apart bodies remain (the effects of overcasting a ritual effect everyone differently) The rest of the raiders appear to be headed back to the Skycrest Mountains.

Traveling to Mussaddar: Party will be able to travel to Mussaddar by 3 different routes.

  • Party will also want to get silver weapons before heading to Mussadar
  1. Follow the Raiders over the mountains, Very Dangerous
  2. Travel to Headale and follow the path through to Lynwithch
  3. Travel to HelmHold and circle around the Skycrest mountains

Traveling to Dracken Wood:

 It takes a day and a half for you to enter the sprawling expanse of the Dracken wood. You now travel under the boughs of 200ft tall trees, Firs, Birch, Maples, Oaks, and Pines all extending into the sky, with the growth of years. The forest feels alive with life, even on its well-tended edges. As you travel Chioh, you feel the peace of a wild and healthy forest. One blooming with life and content. The birds sing high in the boughs well the circle of life plays out endlessly below with all manner of creatures.

As you travel deeper into the forest, the paths become less tended, wilder, the growth thicker and the paths more laden with debris. Larger woodland creatures now appear. 

Traveling for 3 days, you encounter none of the woodland folk. 

-party needs to set up camp

– if they roll well, Chioh remembers a good campsite/spot further up and make it their near dark.

-if they roll poorly, they stumble upon it when with the dying light.

Clearing of the Red Hat

As you approach the clearing, the feeling of the forest changes. The birdsong becomes infused with sorrow and the trees themselves cry with the fading life. The scene in front of you is one of heartbreak. Amidst the clearing are scores of bodies, Your people, Chioh. Spread out in the clearing, some hanging from trees, all dead and bloodstained. Men, Women, Children, the elders. All were cut down. Tents and belongings are strewn about the clearing, trampled into the ground. Crows and other carrion eaters skulk around the perimeter. With the dying light, as your eyes begin to switch to darkvision a body twitches.

Redcaps are grim cover little murders, welding rusty weapons, and hats covered in dried blood .

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