Campaign Diary: Session 16

Session 16: The Remains of the Dragon

Pre-Session Thoughts:

I was really hoping in this session to get them to the remains of Sadraphyluxis and through the dawn, ambush has planned. I was partly successful in this attempt with players taking longer than anticipated to pursue and complete certain tasks. The whole goal of this session was to really get the party to decide if they were going to pursue the raiders who (Spoilers) are going to steal the remains of Sadraphyluxis or continue on to the Dracken Wood and help the Wood Elf Kiths or negotiate with Seyrine (High Elf City). This was for entirely selfish reasons as I didn’t want to have to prep adventures for two highly different areas. 


The session picked up where we left off, on the docks of Fyrrddin. The party decided to not enter the city and head directly for the garrison at the dragon’s remains. They walked through the bustling streets of the ports, across the long bridge to the Bastion, a river fort on the opposite side of the river. There they inquired of supply wagons heading to the garrison, having missed it, they endeavored to catch up with it on the road. The set a brisk pace away from Fyrrddin, with the Autumn leaves in their faded colors blowing across their path from the distant Woods of Orrin. The party would catch up to the supply train and accompany them to the garrison but not before the cleric gave the lieutenant a talking down to about the lax security of supply train.  Upon arriving at the Garrison, they were escorted to Commander Northmaer Raedgrim who offered them his complete cooperation once he saw the King’s writ in their possession. The party then paid a visit to the remains of Sadraphyluxis, accompanied by Sir Toussaint leader of the Silver Knights who are charged with tending the remains. An examination of the Corpse and conversation with a timid Mage Greta Glimmercraft revealed the dragon was slain by a flash of light that burned a large hole through the dragon’s side and three small lenses of various sizes were found at the presumed origin of the light. Traveling to this location and one conversation with a Hare later, the party found signs of a teleportation circle and faded tracks leading to or from it. Without enough clues to solve the mystery, the party retired for the night, only to be awoken by cries of battle. 

Post Session Thoughts:

I guess I should really be surprised that I didn’t cover all the material I wanted to. Players pretty much always take forever to complete tasks or decide on a course of action. I was very pleased with the investigation side of the session, the players seemed to enjoy it and were coming up with some great ideas. This session really showed me the importance of letting your players influence the world. Two prime examples being the supply wagons from Fyrrddin, and the Hare in the Ember Fields. I hadn’t even thought of supply trains, but it makes sense, soldiers gotta eat and it did nothing but enhance my game so I through it in and made them work for it a little. The second was the Druid casting speak with animals. It is very easy to say there are no animals around and ruin the player’s fun. Speak with animals is an under utilized spell and this is often the DM’s fault. The second thing I learned from this session is having table manner expectations well worked out. This means having a conversation with your players about what is bothering (I am not looking forward to it). I know my group plays after work and we are all tired, but I want to have fun too and part of the last session was ruined for me by player table manners. During the ending of the session when I was trying to leave the party on a cliffhanging with the ambush. My players were packing up and talking and it seemed to fall flat. Maybe my descriptions were not good but I feel people were just not listing. When I talk to my players, I want to present that I find it rude if players are still preparing spells and character sheets after the session has started, packing up before the session is ended, and talking when I am trying to narrate. I think all of these things are reasonable and I am sure my party just needs a reminder, but issues need to be addressed if they are going to get resolved.

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