Session 16: The Remains of a Dragon

The Situation: The party has arrived at Fyrrdin and has decided to push on to the garrison around the remains of Sadraphyluxis (Female, Young Silver Dragon). The party needs to investigate what caused the dragon’s death and decide if they will pursue their other quests of aiding the Kiths of Dracken Wood or negotiating with the High Elves of Seyrine. 

Session Goals: 

  1. Have the Party make it to the Corpse of Sadraphluxis
  2. Meet the Garrison Commander Northmaer Redgrim and Commander of the Silver Knights Sir Toussaint Biset
  3. Be ambushed by the Barbarians and Orcs of Mussadar, Combat then Skill Challenge, eventually saved by a Dragon.
  4. Have the Party decide if they should push on to the Dracken Wood or follow the raiders back to Mussadar. 

Beginning of Session: 

-Narrate moving through Port Promenade and the Bulwark.

-Narrate crossing the hills into the plains. 

-While crossing the plains they should run into patrols of light horsemen and soldiers.

The Garrison of Sadraphluxis:

After three days of travel, you have left the woods of Orrin behind with its tall trees and autumn leaves and ventured onto the Ember Fields. This field still bears the marks of the battles fought on it and the breath of dragons. It is on this field that you see rows and rows of tents of blue and white with the three horses of Myros flying high above and below it a flag adorned with a Silver Dragon. A contingent of silver tents rests to one side, larger than those of blue and white. Neat picket lines of horses and orderly sentry posts dot the perimeter. This is a war camp and one tent larger from the rest, looking as if it was made of several tents rests near the tents of silver. 

Events at Garrison:

  1. Party can meet with Commander Northmaer Raedgrim to deliver the King’s letter, he will then allow them to inspect the dragon and tell them what they have discovered. During meeting Sir Toussaint Biset barges in, he is confrontational with Northmaer.
  • A reported flash of light 
  • Opens chest and displays tiny lens found
  • Large scorch mark about a mile from camp
  1. Visit the remains of Sadraphyluxis and see a large scorch mark on her side like she was blasted by something that tore into her scales and burnt her flesh.
  • Dragon size about 20 ft, wings crumpled and broken, it’s silver scales dulled
  • Meet Greta Glimmercraft, an apprentice to Moudra Mystan, sent to investigate the wounds on the dragon, a mousey woman with tiny spectacles. Very learned but timid. 
  1. Visit the scorch mark a mile from camp.
  • Party can find a small golden ring with a lens popped out with a successful DC 25 investigation.
  • With a successful DC 28, survival check party can find traces of chalk and ink with diamond grains mixed in. A successful DC 22 Arcana check reveals this is a component for the spell teleportation Circle.

Ambush: 6 tribesmen and 1 Werewolf (Possibly a Berserker)

You all bed down for the night falling into a slumber, the clash of iron on iron and the call to arms wakes you from your sleep. As you rise in the darkness, hands grasping for weapons, the sounds of combat seem to emit from all around, the cries of men and shriek of horses as wolf howls fill the air interrupted by explosions as the smell of blood and smoke reaches you. Leaving the tent, madness is all you see as man struggles against man, orc, and two-legged beasts. The light of distant fires provides you light to see but amidst the smoke, you see only the horror of war. From this horror, a group of six tribesmen, wearing tattered furs and clutching spears of bone and stone, come rushing toward you. It is not the tribesmen that give you pause but the beast that follows them, well it walks like a man, its body is cover in thick fur matted with blood that drips from its claws. Its face is that of a wolf, and its bloody maw twists into a grin at the sight of you as it howls with its charge. Roll initiative. (Ask who is wearing armor)

Sleeping in armor rules

Sleeping in light armor has no adverse effect on the wearer, but sleeping in medium or heavy armor makes it difficult to recover fully during a long rest.

When you finish a long rest during which you slept in medium or heavy armor, you regain only one-quarter of your spent Hit Dice (minimum of one die). If you have any levels of exhaustion, the rest doesn’t reduce your exhaustion level.

Skill Challenge: 5 success to make it to defensive square and then 4 success to hold square. Every 3 failures is a new combat encounter. 

DeceptionPretend to be with the enemy
Performance Rally nearby Troops
StealthSneak past enemies
IntimidateScare Away Enemies
AthleticsRun through Group of Enemies

Combat Encounters for Failures:: 

  1. Thayan Apprentice & Fire Elemental
  2. An Ogre Chain Brute & 3 Orcs
  3. A Werebear & Werewolf
  4. A Mage & Veteran

Ambush Events:

  1. Griffin Rider falls from the sky.
  2. Mage explodes groups of soldiers
  3. Calvary rushes by, Dex Saving throw, fail take 2d6 bludgeoning dmg. (Random member)
  4. Burning wagon rushes by

Aftermath: (after four success within the defensive square)

As the lines of the squares begin to merge amidst the dim of battle a clear horn sounds out, then another, and again. Raising into the air, to be swept up in the thunder of wings. From the dark sky, 3 large shapes emerge from the smoke above, as they swoop low a torrent of ice, fire, and lightning erupts from their maws. Swaths of enemies are blasted, burned, or frozen in front of you. The raiders break as one against the might of an Adult silver dragon and younger bronze and brass dragons. The fighting ceases in front of you as everyone stands in horrified awe as the dragons pass back and forth raining death on the raiders as the ember fields are once again the sight of a massacre.

-Northmaer Raedgrim or Sir Toussaint Biset can tell the party that parts of Sadraphyluxis have been stolen by the raiders. Tracks show them headed back toward the Skycrest mountains. 

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