Session 15 Journal

First let me say I am not happy about this format and the next one will be more concise and focused, but if i don’t post it now it will not be posted with work picking up. Anyone for your purview.

Session 15: Going Up the River

My plan for the Session:

As this was our first time playing in about 3 months due to everyone being on vacation, I was pretty nervous but excited to get back into things. I figured this would be a simple get from point A to B with combat thrown in to get everyone familiar with their classes again. As they were traveling by boat up a river, it also provided them a chance to have some downtime and for me to drop some World lore on them, mainly the tale of Orrin of Old and Broken Blade Tower. I figured this would be a pretty straight forward session. 

The Session:

Recap and Boat Journey:

The session started off as you would expect with a recap to remind my players what is happening and then they went about dividing spoils from previous sessions. Then things got interesting for me. They started sharing things they had jotted down as notes. It was an ecliptic bunch to say the lest. They all had chairs written down but no one remembered why. I eventually filled them in that it referred to the 3 High Chairs, the governing body of the Elven city Seyrine. We then moved into their downtime with the Wizard copying spells into her spellbook and chatting with the captain about her travels. Bard spent the time keeping up the morale of the crew by performing and learned about the rumors that the Beast of Orrin had returned and recalled the tale of Orrin of Old with a nice history check. The Druid spent it working with his alchemy kit to create Anti-Toxins and the Cleric spent it assisting the crew with rowing and praying to Bahamut. While everyone seemed to be getting into the session, I was not at my best with roleplaying, mostly just summarized what happened instead of acting it out. A bit disappointed about that. 

Combat with a Troll and his Crabs

After we spent some time on the boat, it was time for some combat. I had the boat pull up to shore to connect to a lead for oxen to help it travel upriver but the Farmer Goris refused as a Troll had attacked his village and he wasn’t going to risk his oxen to a Troll. The Druid made a great nature check to know that trolls are large, regenerative, hungry creatures.  The party after some humming and ahhing decided to go kill the troll. This was great for me, while I knew the party could have just stayed on the boat, I was counting on the extra days it would take to travel up the river without the oxen lead to prompt them to fight the Troll. I was excited for this combat as I just started using paper minis with our battle maps, my group was appropriately pleased. The combat took some interesting turns with the party losing their surprise due to a poor stealth roll. I wasn’t initially worried as the group had a wizard that specialized in evocation, lots of fire. The druid by the river got attacked by two giant crabs which he dealt with by pulling out his own furry friends from his blanket of furry friends (a re-skinned bag of tricks) and letting them fight in front of him (he drew a weasel, panther, and giant badger). The rest of the party engaged the troll dealing only a little damage which the troll healed as the wizard missed with their chromatic orb, the troll seeing a wizard attacking with fire rushed the wizard but a well used shield spell blocked two attacks. The wizard and cleric made two great moves in the next round, the wizard cast slow on the troll and the cleric used their marble elephant to summon an elephant. From their it was just a pounding on the troll with an animal fight between the druid and his furry friends against the giant crabs. The Troll for his part took a shit kicking for two rounds before saving against the Slow and deciding to flee. He took an opportunity attack from the elephant but lived with 3 hp, and promptly dived into the river. He then spent the next two rounds healing up while the party attempted to find him in the river, they rolled so poorly on their perception. This presented me with a terrible/great opportunity, the Wizard was standing on the bank of the river isolated and the Troll was pissed about all the fire damage they dealt to him. So, he grabbed the Wizard off the bank and dragged them into the river. Let me tell you this turned the combat up a notch. My players kinda freaked out trying to a way to save the Wizard. Decisive action, high rolls, and natural 20’s later saw the cleric jump into the river with his elephant, followed by the Druid. The Cleric and Druid using the currents of the river to their advantage were able to catch the Troll and Guiding Bolt him into oblivion and rescue their drowning comrade which had been pummeled by the troll.  


The party of course played it cool to the villagers and boat crew. After this it was up the river to the city of Fyrrdin, but I had one more hook to dangle in front of them. I described as the left the forest of Orrin a tower half built in the distance on the hill. Of course my players wanted to know more and with a few good history rolls learned of the Tower of Broken Blade and the warrior monk who calls it home. The monk collects the weapons of those who challenge him and adorn his tower which is rumored to house many rare and powerful weapons. While the players were tempted they decided to stay on task and arrived at the city of Fyrrdin to end the session. I was overall pleased with how things turned out for our first session back. 

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