Session 15: Going Up River

 Recap: What was meant to be a simple missing person case for the Envoy to the King, escalated quickly when you found the Town of Headale, Ludwig Mendals last known location, to be under a curse. Within the walls of the town and under the cover of darkness, the villagers went into a mindless rage, slaughtering each other, only to rise again with coming of dawn. Within this cursed place, you tracked Ludwig to a ruined tower guarded by a bull of rusted  metal. This fearsome beast turned two of your companions to stone, while you were able to reverse their condition, without the help of Black Peggy, Mongo was crushed beneath the steel hooves of the bull. With the aid of a new ally, Carie, you ventured into the caverns below the tower and found Ludwig, caught in the curse of a terrible figurine. Unable to save the halfling you made haste to Orrinwold to inform Keruxabradaxu of the curse. Within Orrinwold, you discovered a magical manor while waiting for a meeting with the King. Inside the Manor, you found many animated objects, an aberration that feeds on magic, and a head of riddles. While securing the manor you struck a bargain with an imprisoned Fey, to retrieve a book for her from the Feywild. This bargain struck, you made another with the King of Bremron to act on his behalf in combating threats to the realm. It is in this pursuit that you find yourselves departing Orrinwold on the deck of the River’s Breeze, empowered to aid the Kiths of the Dracken Wood, Negotiate with the High Elves of Seyrine, and investigate the death of a dragon.  

The Situation: The party is currently sailing up the Fyrd river on the River Breeze, under the command of Captain Jilleen. They have been empowered by the King to pursue three separate matters. First, the death of the silver dragon Sadraphyluxis. Second, the attacks on the Wood Elf Kiths. Third, engage in diplomacy with the High Elves of Seyrine about their increasing support of Dosmyrr (Ambassador Nushala is Tssarra’s mother).

River Breeze: 

A single-masted vessel with 8 oars at the stern and a raised hold at the center of the ship. The hold has two access hatches and a covered cabin behind the hold. A raised platform extends above the cabin for the captain to steer the ship using the rudder. 

The ship travels upriver by  1. Tacking (sailing diagonally)

                                            2. Rowing 

                                            3. Leads of horse and cattle

Captain Jilleen (Dosmyrian Human Female): A red-haired lass in her late thirties, she wears a high collared coat of deep red and has a wide-brimmed hat. She has traveled as fair as Yon Kairon and the Ra Raco islands and has been sailing since 16. She left Dosmyrr to get away from the One Truth on a foreign vessel to escape being assigned a job.

Events while traveling on the river:

  1. See Villagers gathered by the banks, no oxen to lead ship as a is Troll attacking Tammeer
  2. Pass through the Woods of Orrin and hear the Rumor about the beast returned

The Woods of Orrin deep and dark, with towering Oaks and Hard Woods, Few villages exist

  1. See Broken Blade, an incomplete Tower of 2 levels. 

Rumors they can hear:  Rumors are always blown out of proportion and contradictory. 

  1. The Beast of Orrin is returned, people are afraid to enter the Woods of Orrin again. 
  2. Headale has found a cure for death.
  3. Talk of the death of a dragon, Host did it, Dosmyrr, another Dragon, Fyrddin in mourning. 
  4. Winter is on its way. 

Troll Attack: 1 River Troll with a Mocker’s Medallion

Party sees villagers of Tamtin on the banks before the Woods of Orrin, Captain Jilleen will pull the ship over to ask what is going as this is a lead line point. Party can find out that a river troll has wandered into the village. The village is only a few houses on the edge of the Woods of Orrin and just off the bank of the Fyrd River. If the party does not clear out troll the lead will not work as the farmer is not willing to risk his ox near the Troll. This will add a day or 2 to their journey (make them miss assault on dragon corpse?). Troll is eating fish from nets and insults players constantly (in Giant) with mockers medallion. Troll runs away if reduced to 20Hp and been attacked by acid or fire. The Troll has 2 pet giant crabs that are burrowed and hidden on the river bank.  

The Woods of Orrin: 

The Woods of Orrin are steeped in lore and legends. Few settlements exist within its borders. The Woods themselves are untamed and dangerous as only the wildest parts of the forest remain. One legend given new life is the Beast of Orrin. The settlements near the Woods of Orrin whisper of a Beast returned, of savaged corpses, creatures fleeing the Woods, a stalking form, and a low growl in the night. 

-Party will see a flock of birds rise up in the night and a low growl echo from the Woods. 

Broken Blade:  

An incomplete tower rising two stories above the ground. The tower is situated outside of Fyrrdin and houses a massive collection of weapons, magical or otherwise. The tower is also home to the Monk, the collector, and the protector of the weapons. Defeating him awards the challenger with their choice of weapons. 

Party can know the following information: 

DC-10: Broken Blade  is a Tower made of weapons and defended by a monk

DC-15: You can challenge the Monk to a contest and win one of his weapons.

DC- 23: The monk was once a companion of King Andras. 


As you near Fyrddin, a line in the sky catches your eye. As you come closer it forms int a massive tower that dwarfs the city below. At is crown rests a series of platforms, one of which has a silver dragon resting on it as another dragon takes off from a lower level. The city seems to spread out below it, Built behind thick walls and tiered houses. 

The party lands at the Port promenade and can then enter the city, or go done to the bulwark and head for the corpse of the dragon. 

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