Sorcerer: Shadow

The Premise: 

I have always appreciated those dark-magic based characters. Those who have no idea what is going on with their abilities and received them from darkness. This is what this character is about, overcoming and learning to harness their abilities. They want to recover what they lost and return to their normal life. 

Race: Half-Elf

The Half-Elf is a great race for Sorcerer. Giving you a total of 4 ability score points, 2 of which go to Charisma. Fey ancestry and the extra skills are beneficial as well. The Sword Coast  Adventurers Guide gives you more options for Half-Elf’s as well with its variant rules for making Half-Elf Drow and other Elf races. While the Half-Elf is an excellent choice it is not the only choice with the Aasimar (Scourge) being a strong option. Granting you a +2 to Charisma and +1 to Constitution, both things a sorcerer needs. It also has great racial abilities like its healing touch and it is resistant to necrotic and radiant damage. 

Class: Sorcerer (Shadow)

The Sorcerer is my favorite class, it is a full caster without the bookkeeping of the wizard, or the spell management of Clerics or Druids. You know your spells and always have them prepared. Plus, meta magic and flexible casting also give you some unique spell-casting options. Taking Shadow magic gives you some pretty useful abilities for all pillars of play (Combat, Exploration, Social) and some interesting quirks that are gold for role-playing. Your level one abilities are very useful in the beginning. Eyes of the dark give your character dark-vision to 120ft, especially useful for races usually without dark-vision, and Strength of the Grave gives you some durability in that you can resist being reduced to zero Hit-points. Very useful for a squishy caster. At later levels, you can summon a shadow dog, teleport in dim light, and eventually become a shadow monster yourself. Cool stuff. 

Arcane Origins: An attack by a supernatural creature left me scarred and with strange abilities.

Reactions: My community shunned me with the onset of my abilities and the changes they wrought on me. 

Supernatural Marks: A dark handprint can sometimes be seen glowing from within my chest, on my heart. 

Signs of Sorcery: For a moment after I cast a spell, the area around me grows dark and gloomy. 

Ability Scores:  15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 Standard Array

Sorcerers require a high Charisma and Constitution. With the Half-Elf racial bonuses, I am looking at the following stats: 16 (Cha), 16 (Con), 14 (Dex), 12 (Wis), 10 (Int), and 8 (Str). I decided to use +2 with my 14 to get to 16’s as both 16 and 17 give a +3 modifier. 

Describe your Character

Alignment: Neutral

Background: Haunted One (from Curse of Strahd)

Harrowing event: Monsters killed my friends and a creature reached its hand into my chest to grasp my heart. I don’t know how I survived. 

Ideal: I will find a way to make myself whole. 

Bond: My condition separated me from my family, I will find a way to be reunited with them. 

Flaw: I feel no compassion, no love, I feel nothing. I fake all my emotions. 

Equipment: I find it easiest to choose from the starting options but you can always take the money and buy your own. 

This is your life


Parents: My mother was a High Elf while my father was Human. 

Birthplace: I was born at the local shrine with the help of a midwife.

Siblings: I am an only child.

I imagine this as my father was a simple woodsman and carpenter in a small village. While he was liked by the villagers he generally kept to himself. My mother’s past is shrouded in mystery. She just started showing up in the village one day and it was learned she was staying with my father. She eventually started selling garments and running the household. A nice plot hook would be she was previously an adventurer or you can leave it to your DM as this lets him create interesting story arcs for you. 

Family and Friends

Family: Raised by my Mother and Father

Lifestyle: Grew up with a modest lifestyle.

Childhood Home: Small house on the edge of the village.

 Childhood Memories: I always found it easy to make friends, and I loved being around people. 

Personal Decisions

Background: I am a haunted one because life forced it upon me. 

Class Training: I became a Sorcerer because of a traumatic event that killed my friends and left me broken, but with unnatural abilities. 

Life Events: 

  1. Witnessed an adventuring group return to town after slaying an ogre and the wizard did a demonstration at the celebration afterward. 
  2. Adventuring with my friends, we were attacked by ghostly forces that killed them and left me with strange abilities.

Backstory Write-Up

It is strange how one simple event can lead you to a decision of terrible consequence. An event to all but the most discerning eye, would not be connected to your decision, the life-shattering decision. You see, I use to be like you. I use to laugh, love, I use to feel. You have questions, I am sure, but I have no answers to give you, only a story of choice and consequence. 

My story begins like most, I was a happy child, loved by the parents and adored by my friends and neighbors. I spent my days helping my father in his shop, delivering my mothers orders, or playing with my village friends. It was a quiet village, a quiet life until I was a young lad, then there was a moment of excitement. A group of adventurers arrived, sent to hunt ogre that had moved into the woods around our village. How quaint we must have seen to them, in their gleaming armor and finery. They were like a breath of fresh air, I never even realized I needed. A glimpse into the wider world. I was enraptured. They would leave a few days later after slaying the ogre, but not before the village through them a feast and one of there members entertained the young of the village with tales of the world. They were in all aspect of the word, heroes, at least to me. 

Years later, a restlessness settled in me, now a young man, the monotony of my village grated on me. So when rumors reached me of darkness in the woods, I convinced my friends to investigate. After all, we were not children anymore and anything to break the monotony. As you might guess, We found the darkness and our confidence in our non-existent abilities helps us not. I remember their screams, perhaps they were just my own screams. I cannot remember everything that happened, but I remember the cold as a a hand reached into my chest and a peal of faint laughter. 

I woke, alone in the woods, at the edge of the village. No trace of how I got there could be found and I have no memory of getting there or of the three days that passed. While the village mourned the loss of my friends and life resumed its normalcy, it became clear I was different, what people once thought of as shock took a permanent and darker tone. I no longer smiled, laughed, or cried, I felt nothing at all. It came to me too late that I had to pretend, the villagers had already turned. Whispering that I was cursed, I am sure they are correct on that at least. It did not take me long to leave, I knew no cure could be found there and that the new abilities manifesting in me would only cement the villagers new opinions of me. I will find my cure, I will feel again. 

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