The Plan Moving Forward

Okay, It might be clear to you guys but I don’t really know what I am or should be doing with this website. But I am working on it and good news, I have a plan. It is mostly a plan, at least 5% of a plan. This plan, this good plan is as follows.

Step 1: Begin writing summaries for sessions and my thoughts on the session.

I have uploaded all my session notes for all the completed sessions for my DnD group. I will continue to upload my session notes for each session but then I want to write a summary of the session and my thoughts on what I want to do in the future.

Step 2: Create a Chat Box

I think it would be really cool to have place were everyone could chat DnD or just about whatever is on their mind or give me feedback on stuff I am doing or stuff you would like me to do. This is also part of a bigger project I am thinking of but it is pretty beyond my skill set at the moment.

Step 3: Continue with the Character’s I would like to play.

Probably my favorite thing I am doing, I would like to make it more interactive but not sure how. Perhaps live-stream the process or have you guys give me classes, races, subclass and then we go from their. Not really sure if I want to put my mug on the internet.

Step 4: Put more of my World Building on the Internet.

I have recently been making a lot of google spreadsheets for Cities and locations in my world and just trying to flush out my world more. Coming up with names is hard everyone. Still would be cool to share it all with you guys.

Alright, That is all I got Human peoples. Stay Frosty.

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