Session 14: Planning a Journey

 The Situation: Party has finished a lunch date with Hataa and Keiran Tweedie. They were able to provide them with some information on the manor and the party was able to purchase a lot of magical items. They now need to return to the manor and finish clearing it out, collect their armor, and make their travel plans to get to Draken wood and the Ember Fields. 

Manor: has the following journals

  1. Dream Journal: If I woke up a pastry, I would just eat myself. I wouldn’t even question it. 

Being trampled by a Unicorn doesn’t seem like much fun.

  1. Adventure Journal: details some raging parties and Jamros’s journey to the Elemental Air and the City of Aaqa, of his passage aboard the “Sky Herald” to the “Cloudburst” (a continuous massive lightning storm) to catch a storm. Speaks of Captain Grellar, a most courageous figure. 
  2. Journal of conjuration: details a plan to take a break from the public eye to pursue study into conjuration. Speaks of how he wanted to summon a spectator and then how he started to hear a voice, a most beautiful voice. Journal becomes erratic and most passages now detail how he has to find the voice. 

Traveling to the Dracken wood and the Ember Fields: 3 Options

  1. Board a ship and sail up the Fyrd river to Fyrddin (Need to Leave Horses)

Ship – River Breeze; Captain Jilleen: A red-haired lass wearing a high collared coat of a deep red collar. Mid-thirtoes. Well-traveled before settling down to river trade. 


See Broken Blade, a half-completed tower on a bend of the Fyrd River. (Can Be told of the Monk who hoards weapons)

Told it may be the last run as winter is soon to arrive, ice starts floating down from the Skycrest Mountains. 

River troll stuck in some fishing nets on the bank. See villagers running. 

Troll constantly insults the party as it eats the villages fish (Village: Tam-meer) (has a Mockers Medallion) Troll runs away if reduced to 20Hp and been attacked by acid or fire. 

Villagers give a ring of mind shielding if the party kills the troll (Found it in a Fish)

  1. Travel through the Orrin Wood to the Ember Fields. 


Hear about the Beast of Orrin, Heart of the forest. 

Travel through uneventfully (Put in an animal for Chioh (Giant Boar)), Hear a roar. 

  1. Travel through the Midlands to Caddun and then turn up to the Ember Fields.  


Passed by a Hedge Knight and his squire. (Coming from a tourney in Caddun) Various Merchants.

Rumors to be Heard: Rumors are always blown out of proportion and contradictory. 

  1. Winter is on its way. 
  2. Headale has been cursed and the villagers are all mad. 
  3. Dragon Slain

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