Session 12: There’s a Beholder in the Basement

The Situation: The Party is battered and bruised after their fight with the oozes. Their attempts to claim the Manor are going poorly. A Gauth that has been residing in the cellar and feeding on the binding stone and various other magical items. It ventured upstairs, drawn by the noise of combat and holds Carre and Tssarra at an extreme disadvantage while Asteri stands by the gate and Chioh is marking the outskirts of the walls.

Party can deal with the Gauth or Fight it

Gauth’s Bargain: Eddlax

– (4 feet in Diameter, One central eye with tiny eyes around it, Six Eyestalks, Four tentacles, sickly orange with shades of red skin color)

-Pretends to be a Beholder “Brazen to walk on the ceiling of a Beholders Home”

-Wants the party to kill the puppy that walks on his ceiling. (He considers everything above the cellar to be part of the ceiling) “The pitter patter of his feet disturbs my feasting”

-Wants the Key to the Front gate and Magic Items

Dealing with Fealora:

-While Fealora doesn’t really care for the pup, she will not give anything away for free

-Need to make a deal to get the pup

  1. Chioh: a piece of your skin, “you wear so many” (takes Dire Wolf Form)
  2. Tssarra: A fragment of your mind, “you value it so highly (Takes Fireball Spell)
  3. Carre: some of your resolve “You have stood with it for so long’ (Takes Fighters Hit Die)
  4. Asteri: Share your beauty “Such a pretty thing” (Reduces Charisma total by 1)

-If the party accepts a deal, she strangles the pup in front of them and gives them its corpse.

-the party can also take a short rest in the mirror but it comes with a cost as well “an hour for an hour” or “your pet (Golden Lion)”

Party can then return to the Gauth to fulfill bargain or to kill it and claim the manor.  Fulfill the bargain they are asked to leave. If attack they can continue through the Manor.

The Manor History:

Asmund and Jamros Abin created the manor on a drunken dare. Jamros while gifted could never focus on any task and hopped from project to project. Jamros and Asmund used the Manor to host parties when they were younger. Jamros traveled frequently and he and Asmund fell out of touch. Asmund stopped using the Manor and never knew how Jamros anchored the Manor. (It is a semi-permanent Mordakaiens Magnificent Manson anchored by a Binding Stone that was charged by great magic (From the elemental plane of Air). Jamros became bewitched by Fealora when researching planar travel he accidentally brushed against her prison. He became obsessed with reaching her and eventually built a mirror into her prison. (She killed him to consume his power)

Cellar: In the Cellar is a Guath (unless killed by Party) that is feeding off of the binding stone. It pretends to be a beholder and wants the party to leave their magic items and leave. Probably gonna be a fight.

Lots of magic items have had their magic consumed. In the vault, there are the following useless items: a tome (Gets its magic back in 100 years), Staff, Axe, scrolls, Vials of water.

Treasure for the party:

100 gp gemstones (×7):

  1. Garnet (transparent red, brown-green, or violet), ×2
  2. Jet (opaque deep black),
  3. Pearl (opaque lustrous white, yellow, or pink)
  4. Spinel (transparent red, red-brown, or deep green)
  5. Tourmaline (transparent pale green, blue, brown, or red), ×2

Coins: 100pp, 800gps, 1190sp, 1500cp

Items: Box of turquoise animal figurines (250gps), Brass mug with jade inlay (250gps)

Magic: Keoghtom’s Ointment; Orb of time; Tome of Leadership and Influence; Vault Bag.

The king’s gifts: A writ empowering them to act in the Kings in regards to

  1. The Death of the Dragon Sadraphyluxis (Young Female Silver Dragon)
  2. Negotiations with the Three Chairs of Sey-rine
  3. Providing Aid to the Kiths of Dracken Wood

The bears of this writ Sir Carie Knight of the Wall, Tssarra, Chioh, Asteri are in the Kings service and thus empowered to act in his name for the following.

700gps. 3 potions of Healing.

Letters Detailing info about each problem

Dragon Death: The young silver dragon assisted House Myros in patrolling the Border. Body is being protected by a contingent of Myros guards under Northmaer Raedgrim and the silver chapter of the Metallic knights under the command of Sir Toussaint Biset (From Toral). A beam/Flash of light was reported coming from the forest.

Diplomacy: New Ambassador Nushala is showing favor to Dosmyrr, giving greater access to Spellheart, advocating for a formal alliance, and trying to get the wood elves to cease raiding Dosmyrian patrols. Reason for the shift in policy is unclear. Previously was a diplomat.

Aid to the Kiths: Reports are unclear. Strange creatures track and attack wood elf Kiths, stemming from the western side of the border lends credence to Dosmyrr being the cause. Wood Elves will find you.

Letter from Keruxa: Wishes them well on their journey. Tells them that miss using the writ is treason so don’t order any knights to dance

Traveling to the Dracken wood and the Ember Fields: 3 Options

  1. Board a ship and sail up the Fyrd river to Fyrddin (Need to Leave Horses)

Ship – River Breeze; Captain Jilleen: A red-haired lass wearing a high collared coat of a deep red collar. Mid-Forties. Well-traveled before settling down to river trade.


See Broken Blade, a half-completed tower on a bend of the Fyrd River. (Can Be told of the Monk who hoards weapons)

Told it may be the last run as winter is soon to arrive, ice starts floating down from the Skycrest Mountains.

River troll stuck in some fishing nets on the bank. See villagers running.

Troll constantly insults the party as it eats the villages fish (Village: Tam-meer) (has a Mockers Medallion) Troll runs away if reduced to 20Hp and been attacked by acid or fire.

Villagers give a ring of mind shielding if the party kills the troll (Found it in a Fish)

  1. Travel through the Orrin Wood to the Ember Fields.


Hear about the Beast of Orrin, Heart of the forest.

Travel through uneventfully (Put in an animal for Chioh (Giant Boar)), Hear a roar.

  1. Travel through the Midlands to Caddun and then turn up to the Ember Fields.  


Passed by a Hedge Knight and his squire. (Coming from a tourney for some lord or other) Various Merchants.

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