Warlock Celestial

Warlock Celestial: Character Creation

The Premise: I have always wanted to play that con artist/street kid who bought into the idea of hustling people and then gets caught and getting caught is the end for him. Then he is offered a chance but he has to act counter to his nature. This is done like in Final Space, where every time he commits a crime his sentence is increased and good deeds decrease his sentence.

Race: While half-elf is probably the best race for charisma based classes like the Warlock, I am choosing Tiefling as the race. Thanks to Mordenkainens Tome of Foes, you can customize your Tiefling more now than ever. I am choosing a Tiefling with an infernal legacy from Glasya because I like the spells offered from its infernal legacy. Minor illusion and Disguise self are great spells for a charlatan. You could choose any infernal legacy that takes your fancy but the legacy of Levistus gives you a +1 to Con and that is important for Warlocks.

Class: Warlock Celestial

Patron Attitude: Patient, trying to save me, Very Grandfatherly and Encouraging.

Special Terms: Must commit good deeds to work off sins and sentence but the sentence is increased if I commit bad deeds.

Binding Marks: Tally of the time left on my sentence is displayed on my Forearm in Celestial.

Warlock is a great class to play. I love their balls to the wall style of play. Like the Fighter, Warlocks benefit greatly from short rests, in that they get most of their abilities back, and go into most fights fully functional. Warlocks require a lot of decisions in the first 3 levels in the form of spells, Patrons, Boons, and Invocations. Spells, Invocations, and your boon all depend on personal preference and there are no right or wrong decisions, just go with what is cool and fun for you.

Ability Scores: Charisma and Constitution are your most important stats for Warlocks and should receive your highest rolls. It is pretty safe to make Strength your lowest score and then you can fill in the rest of your ability scores based on the skills you want to be good at.

Describe your Character

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but you can have it be whatever you want.

Background: Charlatan

(Favorite Scheme: I convince people that worthless junk is worth their hard-earned money)

Ideal: I’m determined to make something of myself.

Bond: I fleeced the wrong person and must work to ensure that this individual never crosses paths with me again.

Flaw: I’m too greedy for my own good. I can’t resist taking a risk if there’s money involved.

Equipment: I find it easiest to choose from the starting options but you can always take the money and buy your own.

This is your life


Parents: You know who your mother was.

Birthplace: Alleyway beside an orphanage.

Siblings: None.

Family and Friends

-Raised in an orphanage till around 8

-Mother died in childbirth (found in an alley beside the orphanage)

-lived on streets (ran away from the orphanage)

Childhood Memories: Others say me as being different or strange, and so I had only one companion.

Personal Decisions

Background: I became a charlatan because I learned early on that people are gullible and easy to exploit.

Class Training: I became a Warlock because I was faced with the decision of death or service, I chose service.

Life Events:

  1. I explored an empty house and found it haunted
  2. Found the orphanage was run by a coven of Hags
  3. Best friend disappeared and I was unable to find her.

Backstory Write-Up

I never figured the gods for having a sense of humor, perhaps it is the devil in me. You see I am a Tielfing in the service to an Angel. Funny right? But let’s back up a bit before we get to the sentence of my sins.

I started my life in the gutters, born in the alley right beside the orphanage that would be my home. I guess my mother loved me enough to try and find me a home. A human with a Tiefling baby would certainly raise some eyebrows. Still, she will never know as she passed in childbirth, or as the Hags (I mean that literally) who ran the orphanage like to say, I killed her. It was a swell place to grow up. I probably would have turned out differently if not for her. My only friend, my confidant, my partner in crime, and eventually my jailer. The gods have a sense of humor, did I mention that? Before that though, we busted out of that shit hole together, to make our destinies on the streets.

The next few years where an education that things can always get worse. I learned fast that quick wit, a smooth smile, and a heavy cudgel can see you through most problems in life. Hustle and Cons kept us alive, me and her against the city till it wasn’t. I looked for her, but one day she just vanished and the next time I saw her she would be clapping me in Irons. Wonder how she feels about that.

The incident that prompted this whole thing is what you would expect. I conned the wrong person and got brought to justice. It was a surprise for me too. Now here is where things get interesting, after lounging in my cell for a while, I was offered a deal. I could enter the service of an angel and work off my crimes or face judgment in the courts. Should have gone to the courts. Still, I have gotten some interesting powers from this arrangement. I never figured myself for a healer but when in the service to an angel, am I right. Still, it is a big world out there and I have an angel on my shoulder and debt to square, mine as well get to it.

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