Session 10: Finding the Deed

The Situation: Party is inside Fealora’s prison and trapped inside the Manor House. They need to leave the house by Finding the Deed and making the house theirs or dispell their way out of the Manor. Keruxa is also waiting for them to return the bird so that they can meet the King who has some concerns about the state of the Kingdom.

Fealora’s Instructions:

-Travel to the Feywild (Twilight Kingdom, Eternal Glade, Wicked Garden)

– Find a crossing, deal with its guardian, Hags or Druids may know. (Rings of Mushrooms, pools of water, Natural Arches, Hollow Trees)

-Find the Lands of Summer and it’s the court where Titania is Queen and speak to Abcan the Dwarf he can help you.  (made a deal with Fealora that backfired on him)

In the Manor:

  • Need to find the deed in the Library Den and put their names on it.
  • Traveling around the house they need to deal with the animated objects and oozes in the laboratory.
  • Follow written Map. Add a note in the Library Den that says once for off and twice for on.
  • Can find work journals (dealing with conjuration and teleportation), oozes (mentions the Pudding King)
  • Dream Journal

When the party makes it out of the Manor, they need to return the Bird. On returning it they are instructed that they need to return the bird personally.

They are lead into the Palace (wide hallways gilded in gold, portraits, and Banners hanging on the walls, Servants moving about with purpose, guards patrolling) for a meeting with the King.

Keruxabradaxu: has lush golden hair that rests on his shoulders, Goldeneyes. Has scars running down his neck and cradles his arm. He is wearing a golden gold robe with black lines on the edges.

King Andras Wilmot: an aged man sits opposite Keruxa, in his fifties or sixties, He has grey-white hair, Green eyes and a sturdy build that remains strong. Of Average height but he has a presence of being taller and of weathering many storms.

Meeting the King:

Wants the party to help him with problems and Keruxa has vouched for them. Presents a list of problems in a tired but passionate way. Express that war is coming “Bloody thing never ended and it will soon be diplomacy by the sword”

-his problems are:

  1. Nobles seeking to undermine him, House Warina especially (want Serfs back)
  2. A Dragon has been KIlled (Sadraphyluxis) in the Borderlands (Adonis is investigating and protecting the body)
  3. Raiding parties down from Mussaddar (Orcs, Humans, Gods know what else, Yes yours to)
  4. Son is incompetent, Drinking Whoring.
  5. Coppers causing problems with the local gangs (Street Lords, Left Hand’s)
  6. I got a Village Cursed now. (Headale)
  7. Tourneys and Wizard Duels. (Godfrey the Black, Baltasar, Gallereen, Yvonne Valmere (Noble)
  8. Dosmyrr is courting the Elves of Seyrine Thalas (Nuchalas)
  9. Woods elves are besieged by what they call monsters, hunting them in their forests

Offers them leave to solve one of these problems. Reward: What is your rate? Up to 10,000gp

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