Session 9: House Shopping

The Situation: Party has entered the Manor of Jamros Abin. They were lead in by a shadow puppy and trapped. They need to progress through the manor and change the name on the deed (in private study) to make the house allow them to leave.

Tssarra can try and cast dispell magic on the door to leave. DC 23.

Follow map events.

Shadow puppy tries to lead them through the Manor to the Mirror. Offers comments when they are moving through the manor.

I wouldn’t get dirt on the rug.  (Entrance Hallway)

Hope you like riddles. (Statuary)

Try not to wake them (Armoury)

I would stay out of the light. (Library)

If the party goes wandering through the house: I don’t recommend this.

Puppy leads them to the mirror in the Library and goes through it.

Through the mirror: leads to a beautiful forest. The Faint light of twilight falls through the branches and knee-high grass brushes against your legs. It is utterly silent though.

The path leads to Fealora (party cannot leave the path). Fealora wants to escape. If the party convinces her they are capable she gives them a quest to find her staff in the Feywild. She hid it in the clinging Forest. The pup will lead you to it.

If party refuses she attacks them to drain them of their power to increase her own. (Puppy changes to Shadow Mastif)

If party loses the fight they do not die but go into a dream sequence,

Tssarra-spellheart being beaten in a wizard duel.

Chioh-hunting and killing animals

Carrie-fighting on the walls or Orrinwold

Asteri- being devoured by a dragon

Repeats for each until they make wisdom saving throw (DC 14) then need to fight creature to escape.

Fealora is holding her head and laughing. “That hasn’t happened in a while, go, curious creatures, You will be back. I still hold a piece of each of you.

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