Session 8: A Day in the Capital

The Situation: Party has arrived in Orrinwold; reported to Keruxa and received their rewards. Keruxa offered them more work in a few days after he looks into the Headale curse. Party has taken lodging at the Tiny Dragon Inn and Chioh has set a meeting with a woman called Lily who was tailing them from the palace for the coming night.

What the party wants to do and Events to Happen in the City:

  1. Carrie wants to Investigate Crypt at the Cathedral (Nothing to Find); Talk to his Sponsor (Not in Bremron); Visit the Temple of Bahamut (Chance to show the tension between worshippers of the host and followers of Bahamut); wants to buy crossbow bolts.
  2. Tssarra wants to find a magic shop and work on her spellbook.
  3. Asteri wants to buy a crossbow and bolts, possibly wants to go back to Darren.
  4. Chioh wants to hear from Lily and explore the city to see if it is a place to settle.

Shopping (just got to wing it)

Meeting With Lily (Prudence Gale): keeps her cloak and hood up. If seen has fair blond hair, grey eyes, gold earrings and necklaces, slightly pointed ears referring to her elven heritage.

Arrives late in the night when most patrons are drunk. Enters and looks for the party then she heads into the hallway towards their rooms. Doesn’t speak until safely in a room. Asks the party to deliver a child to the beginnings of the Foxhills. Will not tell who the child is or who they are meeting. Discretion is very important. Offers 500gps each for the completion of this task. The child will be asleep for the journey. Takes 3 days to journey there. The child will be delivered in 2 nights time.

-Challenge: Did you see a white fox in these hills? Answer: I did, at dawn three days hence. Challenge: Did you slay the beast? Answer: No, It scared off the hounds.

-The meeting is an ambush.  

The Puppy Guide: move through the Manor of Jamros Abin and then Fealora’s Prison

when the party is all together, a small mastif puppy, shiny black coat, floppy ears. Has a bell and a note attached to its collar. Runs to each party member and jumps up on their legs causing the bell to ring. The note reads: Help, I am trapped in my mirror and need you to come get me. Follow my Familiar. You will be well rewarded. If they follow the party it leads them into the Kings Court and between to manors that takes them to a hidden Manor, as they enter the Manor grounds, the fence forms behind them trapping them in. The puppy says short praise while leading them through the Manor.

I wouldn’t get dirt on the rug.

Hope you like riddles.

Do you like swords?

I would stay out of the light.

Summary and Notes:

Party spent the day shopping for supplies. Tssarra purchased chromatic orb and its components at Tweedies Enchantments. They loved the shopped and Hata who was kind of motherly to them. Chioh purchased a mystery key. Asteri purchased a crossbow and bolts and studded leather armor. Carrie stocked up on crossbow bolts. Party also sent a letter to Keruxa asking if Chioh could borrow one of his birds. The party then meet with Lily, a woman who had tailed the party from the palace, poorly. She offered the party 800gps each to deliver a sleeping child to the base of the Foxhills, a 3-day journey.  She emphasized discretion was key and appeared nervous. The party was a little divided on if they should accept the quest but ultimately decided to turn it down. The lose of 800 gold really haunted Tssarra the party wizard and Chioh wanted to inform there patron Keruxa about the offer. After following Lilly back to the palace the party deduced she is probably someone important or connected to someone important. The argument was not resolved but the next day they went to see if Chioh could get a bird from Keruxa. There was one at the palace gate for him. He loved it. On the way back, they meet a puppy with a note asking for help. It lead them to an alley between two manors that had a portal to a magical Manor. Chioh had to deliver his bird back to the inn where he spent 2 hours playing for it before returning to the party and entering the manor grounds where the gate closed behind them. He also talked to the puppy.

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