Session 7: The Squire, The Knight, and the Griffon.

The Situation: The party is on their way to Orrinwold to inform Keruxabradaxu about the curse on Headale. After regaling the young copper dragon Zemidriath with numerous tales at his insistence. As the party draws closer to Orrinwold a Griffin attacks the party. Roll initiative.

As a shriek pierces the air, Your horse’s go berserk, Chioh is thrown from his horse as it bolts away. From the air, a creature plummets to the ground. A wicked curved beak extends from its face resembling that of an eagle, glossy golden feathers cover half its body, melding into the tawny fur of a lion. From its shoulders sprout powerful wings, casting dark shadows along the ground. It dives from the sky and in a whirlwind of talons, lash out at your horse rendering its flesh as blood spurts from the wounds, your horse collapses.  Roll initiative!

During the first round, the party notices a small boy (Edwin Bolan) on its back, He yells to stop.

Second round, the squire Darren Boland rides up yelling for everyone to stop and for Edwin.

Third round, Knight Colin Crowther rides up with 2 soldiers.  Yelling for everyone to stop.

Colin is a dick to the party and abusive to Edwin and Darren. Kicks him off his griffon (Euros).

Darren tells the party they are entitled to compensation for the horse (75gps). Only knights though (Carrie is a knight) Colin sneers at a knight of the wall but pays. Need to go to his lord’s manor for it (Roland Trafford & Helen Trafford, Clara Trafford). Lord is hosting guests Alessandra Warrina (she wants them to raise a royal bastard she plans on kidnapping)

Party Can:

  1. Go to the manor, to get paid. While there Darran Bolan asks for their help to deal with an orc raiding band to become a knight.
  2. Continue onto Orrinwold, Report to Keruxa, Baby delivery quest, Shopping.

The Manor: A large two-story square building rests on an open field between two hills. Vines creep up one side of the building. Another griffon resides in a form of stables across the Manor (Atlas, Black Feathers). In the fields in front of the manor are multiple horses and groups of well-armoured soldiers. (Mercenary Company, Morsaks Rats and Warrina footmen).

House Traffords Sigil: Bronze Griffin perched on a field of white and grey.

While at the manor:

  1. Darren Bolan asks for the parties’ help in being Knighted. Wants them to help him fight an Orc raiding party.
  2.  Alessandra Warrina and Roland planning on kidnapping a royal bastard.
  3. Learn that Roland Trafford uses to be renewed for raising griffins. Lost business to foxlowes with the end of serfdom.
  4. If the party runs into Alessandra she invites them to the feast if they let it be known they are working for Keruxa. (Can tell the tale of Keruxa)

Orc Raiding Party: 13 Orcs, 3 goblins, Orog, Ogre Howdaw

Party can catch up to orcs and attempt to ambush them. Attacking them all at once is a bad idea.

Heading on to Orrinwold: Kings Heraldry – Winged Golden sword on a field of black

Before you is the city of Orrinwold, Seat of the King and Capital of Bremron. Built upon the largest hills of the Midlands, and encased by imposing stone walls and towers. The Fyrd River cuts through the City bringing trade and news from the upper lands. Hanging from the battlements are scores of flags, reminders of those who stood on the walls some years ago. Rising above the rest of the city is the King’s castle, a relic from a bygone age. It rises into the sky gleaming and resplendent a testament to the strength of the kingdom.

-Party enters in through the River Slums, smells of unwashed bodies crammed together, and rickety dwellings press in on each other in a maze of disrepair.

-Changes as the cross the bridge (The Silver spans)

In Orrinwold:

  1. Explore the City/Shopping
  2. Visit Keruxa (pays them 100gps each, gives figurines, lets them keep the horses) tells them he needs time to consider what they have told him and if they are willing may have other opportunities for them
  3. Approached about delivering the child by Prudence Gale (handmaid to the queen) offers 500gp each.
  4. Keruxa can invite them back to meet the king. (Clearing out the Keep)

Rumors: Dragon Slain along the Border, Raiding parties down from Mussaddar, Dragons walk among them, Dosmyrr stirring more raids in the Draken Wood, Coppers getting restless and expanding (the court unhappy about that), unrest with the nobles, Tourney is coming Up, the animal got loose from Thistletop Gardens.


The griffin flew from the sky and slew Chioh’s horse. The party moved to engage but noticed a small child hanging onto the Griffins back. Asteri utilized her message to talk to the boy who pleaded for help. During combat, the boys older brother rode up yelling for the party not to hurt the griffin. Tssarra proceeded to knock it unconscious. The Griffin was the mount of a local knight who rode up later and proceeds to belittle and strike the older boy. Addressing the party he offered recompense for their slain horse, the party was name- dropping their dragon patron which caught his attention. He took them back to his lord’s manor to get the gold for the horse. There they noticed a contingent of men and a covered banner. Meeting the lord and a lady they were invited for dinner where the women asked probing questions and were able to discern where the group came from. The party then returned to Orrinwold were    to Keruxa. Receiving their rewards, as they left the palace they noticed they were being tailed clumsily. Chioh broke off from the group and turned into a housecat to follow their tail. Approaching it, he learned the name was lily and she needed to talk to them alone. Will return the next night. The party took residence at the Tiny Dragon Inn.

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