Session 6: A Poor Resting Place

The Situation: Party has freed Asteri from petrification and journey into the sinkhole, discovering Ludwig Mendel in a state of near death, and a figure of dark energy. The party defeated the guardian and has been unable to approach the figurine. The party decided to take a long rest in the chamber as they have the Gorgon above, waiting.

Travel Times: 3hrs (F); 3½ hrs (M); 4hrs (S) to tower, + 1hr to Black Peggy

What the party might do:

  1. Take a long rest (resulting in being attacked by shadows x4, than shadow hounds x2, than a shadow Demon)
  2. Leave the Sinkhole and sneak around the Gorgon
  3. Fight the Gorgon or investigate the Tower (Tower still has stuff in it)
  4. Head back to Keruxabradaxu

Taking a long Rest: if party goes through with the long rest, they will be attacked by 3 shadows

As you take your watch in this circular chamber, a dim light pulses from figure rising above the pedestal. Shadows edd and wan with the pulsing of the light. A gloom resides in this chamber, your companions rest fitfully, and the shadows edd and wan. Stale air is blown into the chamber from the night above, chilling the room. As your watch continues in the pulsing light (make a wisdom Saving Throw DC 16) or become enraged and attack your companions, if success shadows attack in response.

Sneaking past the Gorgon: Party needs to climb out of the sinkhole (3 DC 10 Athletics) and then sneak or fight past the Gorgon. Party can still investigate the Tower (Bottle of Wizards ink and alchemists kit inside)

Party will then likely take a rest in a Ravine or try and sneak through Headale (Skill challenge, three successes (All Stealth unless spotted than other skills)(Gate is locked))

Leaving Headale

-Party should notice people starting to act a little strangely, a man walking into a pole again and again, Women cutting vegetables and keeps cutting her hand again and again so much that blood begins to pool. If the party intervenes people snap out of it.

-on the way back to Orrinwold party can have 3 encounters. The Dragon looking for stories, the kid on the griffon that leads into the squire’s story.

Dragon stories (Young Copper Dragon “Zemidriath with a ring of of dragonshaping)

The sun is setting, and you begin to feel your limbs growing heavier,  tired from a day of journey you begin looking for a place to rest as the sounds of the night begin to stir. As you search you smell it: the thick, savoury scent of cooking meat and vegetables, mixed with the smoky smell of a campfire and in the fading light you see the flicker of fire ahead of you about fifty feet.  A young male dwarf with a thick bushy beard, strumming a mandolin sits by the fire while a juicy cut of meat on a spit roast on the fire and a pot of stew vegetable stew rests beside it. The light creates shadows behind him as he strummins his mandolin. Are you travelers?” he asks. He beckons you over, and says “Folk call me Zemmy; I’m wandering bard looking for a new tale to sing songs about. Come and sit, I’ll trade you plenty of food for a few good stories.”

If party refuses, says he is lonely and wants stories, fresh from home.

If party accepts he sings a song as they eat, the song is a bit too wistful for someone his age. When the party has finished he begs them for a story (Skill challenge: 3 success before 3 failures, storytell uses charisma plus any skill, DC are 18, 19, 20) On a success Zemmy cheers on a failure he scoffs

On a success, he congratulates them, gives the Mandolin as a reward

On a Failure the dragon demands more and more stories ( can just say tell a story)

As you tell story after story, the dwarf seems ever eager for more, as the hours pass you begin to grow tired, but any nodd of your head has the dwarf shaking you awake demanding more stories as a dragon needs its hoard as those rings hang in the air he transform back into a dragon.

-party can persuade or intimidate him to let them go (DC 18)

-fight him ( he uses non lethal damage)

-When made aware he apologizies profusely and offer’s his mandolin as a token of apology.


The party withdrew from the sinkhole under the wizards tower, a well utilized pass without a trace spell allowed the party to avoid the gorgons notice. After a night spent resting in the mountains, the party returned to Headale where they noticed peculiar behaviour from some of the residents, concluding that the townsfolk were deteriorating from the curse. Leaving Headale, they moved toward Orrinwold, Chioh was tempted to pursue woodland creatures but remained on task. During the journey the party shared personal information and got to know each other a bit better. Leaving the Greenwood, they encountered a Dwarf who offered them rest by his fire and food for a few tales. Tssarra assumed a trapped, but the dwarf meant no harm. Zimmy was his name and Zimmy was a Dragon eager for tales. A few bad roles on the parties part had them spending the majority of the night telling any story they could remember. Eventually they satisfied the dragon who left them a magical instrument in exchange. Two days hence while nearing the capital the parties horses went into a frenzy with the shriek of a griffion. Chioh was thrown from his horse as it bolted down the road. This is where we will pick it up next week.

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