Session 5: Down the Hole

The Situation: Having attained stonethrush and using it to craft a salve to cure petrification, the party is ready and able to cure Asteri but still have the Gorgon to deal with and the sinkhole to investigate.

Travel Times: 3hrs (F); 3½ hrs (M); 4hrs (S) to tower, + 1hr to Black Peggy

What I think the party might do:

  1. Go to the Tower to Cure Asteri (Mongo is smashed)
  2. Look for supplies in Headale
  3. Search for more raiding Parties
  4. Can visit Black Peggy again

The Tower: Built off of the mountain pass.  A crumbling wall surrounds a courtyard with a dilapidated tower in its center. What was once a 3 story tower has been reduced to 2 with the top layer collapsing inward. A metal scraping sound can be heard coming from the tower grounds.

A sinkhole has appeared in one corner of the courtyard.

The gorgon still patrols the ground, Mongo has been smashed and partially eaten. (Can hear the Screeching of metal on Metal)

-The tower has two levels,

  1. Ground floor: looks like it may have been a kitchen area but the topmost layer of the tower has collapsed onto it, boards and glass vials are strewn about. (DC 13 investigation to find enough supplies to make an alchemist’s kit)
  2. Second Floor: is mainly support beams and a few portions of floor. A bed rests half off of the floor and a desk is on a portion of the floor. (Inside the desk is a journal and half an inkwell of Wizards ink.)

Journal: Has a few entries that can be made out.
-I don’t know if the master was aware but i have found a chamber under the tower. I will have to investigate further,

-it is horrid, I wish the master was here to tell me what to do, I dare not tamper with the wards and their is no one I can trust with this knowledge, I must bury it.

-It haunts my dreams the knowledge of what rests beneath my feet. What can I do master? I am so alone.

-I cannot let it out, i must keep it sealed.

-Calling in every favour owed to my master has paid off, a guardian for this place, the last I can do. This burden is to much, I cannot carry it without master. I go to him now. DO NOT LET IT OUT

In the sinkhole:

Extends down about 80ft. Into what appears to be a corridor of worked stone that has started to collapse. The hallway extends 30ft ahead of you.

-Ludwig Mendal is trapped in the hallway from a partial cave in. His legs have been crushed, he starved to death and now wakes up every morning still starving to death. His has gone half mad, rambling about a figurine, the knight, don’t touch it.  It’s not the star. It’s not the star. (has 5 levels of exhaustion)
-party can see a faint green light in the distance (pulsing)
-In Mendals pack: a scroll of greater restoration, a scroll of remove curse, potion of healing, 20gps, rope, grappling hook, and  The rod of the Rune Breaker.

The Chamber of the Figurine:

A circular doorway leads into the chamber and a series of glyphs are carved along its exterior. Columns are spaced out with in the chamber and have sheets of metal placed on them. Floating above a raised pedestal is an obsidian Figurine of a howling women. a neon-greenish light from its edges but at its core is a crimson drop that pulses and swirls. Inscribed on the base of the pedestal  are glyphs like around the door. The figurine has an invisible barrier around it, touching it alerts strahd’s animated armor who forms together.

-when the party enters the chamber, the metal sheets rip off of the columns and forms into a strahds animated armor.

-anyone sentiment creature that touches the platform must make Strength saving throw (DC 18), on a failure the creature takes 2d8 force damage and is pushed back 20 feet landing prone. On a success the creature takes half damage and is not pushed back.

-at the start of combat everyone must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or take 1d8+3 psychic damage and must use its reaction to make one one attack against a creature in 10 ft of it. This happens once.

-Party cannot dispel the magic field

Leaving Headale

-Party should notice people starting to act a little strangely, a man walking into a pole again and again, Women cutting vegetables and keeps cutting her hand again and again so much that blood is beginning to pool. If the party intervenes the people snap out of it.

-on the way back to Orrinwold party can have 3  encounters. The Dragon looking for stories, the knight trying to tame a griffon, and poachers stealing hippogriff young.

Dragon stories (Young Copper Dragon “Zemidriath with a ring of of dragonshaping)

The sun is setting, and you begin to feel your limbs growing heavier,  tired from a day of journey you begin looking for a place to rest as the sounds of the the night begin to stir. As you search you smell it: the thick, savoury scent of of cooking meat and vegetables, mixed with the smoky smell of a campfire and in the fading light you see the flicker of fire ahead of you about fifty feet.  A young male dwarf with a thick busy beard, strumming a mandolin sits by the fire while a juicy cut of meat on a spit roasts on the fire and a pot of stew vegetable stew rests beside it. The light creates shadows behind him as he strummins his mandolin. Are you travelers?” he asks. He beckons you over, and says “Folk call me Zemmy; I’m wandering bard looking for a new tale to sing songs about. Come and sit, I’ll trade you plenty of food for a few good stories.”

If party refuses, says he is lonely and wants stories, fresh from home.

If party accepts he sings a song as they eat, the song is a bit too wistful for someone his age. When the party has finished he begs them for a story (Skill challenge: 3 success before 3 failures, storytell uses charisma plus any skill, DC are 18, 19, 20) On a success Zemmy cheers on a failure he scoffs

On a success, he congratulates them, gives the Mandolin as a reward

On a Failure the dragon demands more and more stories ( can just say tell a story)

As you tell story after story, the dwarf seems ever eager for more, as the hours pass you begin to grow tired, but any nodd of your head has the dwarf shaking you awake demanding more stories as a dragon needs its hoard as those rings hang in the air he transform back into a dragon.

-party can persuade or intimidate him to let them go (DC 18)

-fight him ( he uses non lethal damage)

-When made aware he apologizes profusely and offer’s his mandolin as a token of apology.  


The party successfully snuck their way down into the sinkhole with the successful application of the pass without a trace spell they bypassed the Gorgon patrolling the ruined tower. Within its deeps, they found Ludwig Mendal, trapped under a collapsed wall, his bottom half turned to past.  Incoherent and at death’s door, he rambled about a figurine, it not being the star, a knight. A successful medicine check revealed that Ludwig should have long died, but has probably been sustained by the effects of the curse effecting Headale. The party eventually cleared the rubble off of Ludwig and he died during their short rest. Further into the passage, a faint neon light pulsed. Following this light the party found a chamber supported by columns and at its center on a raised platform and pedestal, floated a figurine of a disfigured and howling women that was producing the light. At the center of the figure there was a speck of something but the party could not perceive it. As the party investigated the room they noticed runes curved along the columns, the base of the platform, and on the outside of the circular door. An arcana check by Tsarra revealed these were runes of protection and containment. As Tsarra ventured past the columns, the metal sheets haphazardly placed on them, ripped off flying in front of her and forming into a suit of armor. The ensuing fight saw the part bard run away, and the druid made not conscious. The party was eventually triumph and after a short rest, proceeded to investigate the chamber further, finding the figurine is protected by a barrier that repulses crossbow bolts and people. Concerned about their current state, the party decided to take a long rest in the chamber as they still have the gorgon above. This is an ill advised resting place.

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