Fighter Redemption

Premise: We all know they tale of the child who is spirited away in the dead of night as assassins come for the family or armies are battering down the gates. We see it in the Wheel of Time with Lan Mandragoran and Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. It is a popular backstory for tragic figures. I do not want to be the child though, I want to be a Knight or swordsman in the group who carries them to safety and I want something to go wrong that gets me exiled even though I succeeded.

Character Creation:

Race: Human (Variant) with martial adept feat.
While any Race with bonuses to strength and constitution (like the Mountain Dwarf or Half-Orc) make excellent fighters for strength based builds. The versatility of the human variant allows me to customize my character into what I imagine. The martial adept feat plays into the idea that I am a trained swordsmen giving me access to some of the maneuvers of the Battle-Master (I chose Distracting Strike and Trip attack). Alternatively I was thinking of going Medium Armor Master as no disadvantage on stealth is huge. You could also go with Tough (makes you harder to kill), Shield Master (perfect for sword and shield combos and avoiding spell effects), or Duel wielding (because who doesn’t want two swords and a bonus attack).

Class: Fighter (Samurai)
An argument can be made for going Battle-Master, I just really like the feel of the Samurai and the idea that sheer will carries they class. I also feel that the Samurai’s elegant courtier plays well into a fighter raised at court or in a keep.

Ability Scores: Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
I want my fighter to be using a Longsword so I put the 15 into Strength and added the +1 bonus from being a variant Human. I then put the 13 into constitution and added my final +1 for variant human. 14 was put into dexterity to make him a little shifty and keep that oh so important Dex save decent. 10 was thrown into intelligence keeping him at average intelligence. Wisdom got the 12 to help with those wisdom saves and charisma got 8 showing he is not the most personable but that may be from his drinking.

Describe your Character:
This can be altered to your own preference and your characters should look the way you want them to.
Alignment: While I am not a big proponent of alignment in DnD, I would put this character as Chaotic borderline Lawful Good.
Ideals/Bonds/Flaws: I drew these from the soldier background and tried to tailor them to this characters backstory.
Backstory: Knight of the Order. I choose this backstory as it ties into the idea that my character is part of a select group, perhaps not a knighthood but a guard of some kind.

Equipment: For equipment, I usually take the starting equipment options. I took the chain mail and two martial weapons (Longsword and Morningstar). Taking the shield would increase my AC but I see this character as simply wielding a Longsword like Jon Snow. I then took the light crossbow and the bolts, along with the explorers pack.

This is your Life


Parents: I Know who my parents are.
Mother: Took care of the house and assisted in the running of the Lords Manor. Current whereabouts unknown.
Father: A great swordsmen who was part of the Lords personal guard. Trained me in Sword Skill. Deceased.
Birthplace: Lords Manor/Castle/Keep where my Father served.
Siblings: Two younger siblings which I had a strong relationship with. My sister was the youngest and little brother was the middle child. They left with my mother as a diversion and I haven’t seen them since.
Family and Friends: Raised by my parents in a loving home.
Childhood Home: a modest dwelling on our Lords property.
Childhood memories: Being taught the sword by my Father/Hanging around the Lords soldiers/playing with my siblings/dinners with my parents and the Lords family.

Personal Decisions

Background: I became a knight of the order because my father was a member and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.
Class: I became a Fighter as I have always had an aptitude with a blade and it was the path laid out before me.

Life Events

  1. Tragedy: Invaders destroyed my home. They came to wipe out the Lords Family mine served. My father was meant to be part of a group dedicated to taking the Lords son to safety but had me don his armor and go secretly in his place.
  2. Job related to background: The deception was eventually discovered and when the Lords son was safe, I was exiled. To survive I joined a Mercenary Company and plied my skill with a sword for coin. It was dishonorable work that lead me to drink.
  3. Made a Friend of an Adventurer: When I was deep in my cups I met an adventurer who helped me see that their was still more to life and just not my dishonor if I was able to try for it. I keep my eyes open for the chance now.

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