Characters| The Purpose

After writing my first Character and backstory, I was not overly pleased with the result. I decided to re-focus and decide what I want to accomplish with these posts.

First: I want people to have a tangible result. This means a completed character sheet, characters will be leveled to 3 as I don’t think character creation is finished till you get your subclass, that can be downloaded at the end (I will leave character names blank). Then you humans can alter it however you please.

Second: I want to walk through the steps and decisions I made to create this character and their backstory. This means I will go through the character creation steps, using standard array for stats, and complete Xanthar’s “This is your life” section for each character. Some of it may be randomly determined or chosen to fit the backstory I have in mind.

Third: I want to detail some ways these backstories can be tailored to fit the campaign you are playing in. As always you should be talking to your DM to ensure your backstory is campaign appropriate and to allow your DM to draw on your backstory for plot hooks.

Lets try this again.

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