Fighter: Looking for Redemption

Hey Human People,

Fighters are a straight forward class. You hit things multiple times and you hit them hard. A lot of people argue they struggle in the late game due to no magic and limited range options (javelins and bows people, come on). While this may be true in some case’s (looking at you eldritch Knight), it just means you to have to put more thought into your role-playing and backstory.

Without anymore ramblings here are my thoughts for a fighter backstory.

Race: Any (Str bonus would be nice)
Archetype: Thinking Samurai from Xanthars or Battle-master but it is really dealers choice.

This character whole premise is based off of rising from failure. You know that story of the Kingdom that gets destroyed and the prince is sent away, protected by the best swordsmen/women, and grows up to avenge or reclaim his kingdom? While I want to play a fighter who protected the King. I want to be the guy who fought tooth and nails to get him away from danger. There obviously needs to be a catch though right or why else would he be looking for redemption and not serving this exiled king. Right you are. Something would need to happen. Maybe he took up drinking after the horrors of the war and lost a lot of his skill and was released from service. Perhaps he wore his fathers armor so his father could fight by the kings side and while skilled was not up to the task and got some of his comrades killed and now seeks to redeem his families honor. Or maybe he is completely fake, he found the prince or was given him by the remaining swordsmen who died from his wounds and is taking credit for other men’s deeds. I feel this is an interesting backstory for those wanting to play a swordsman/women. Good luck out there human people.

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