Problem Player

I know I am terrible at writing summaries considering they should be short but I had some issues in my last session that I have been thinking about. I have a problem player at my table. They are not rude or crossing lines, they don’t talk over other players or refuse to role play. Their issues is that they don’t run their character well in combat. They abandon other characters after putting them in danger, spend rounds of combat not doing anything, and then complain about the combat in game to the characters they left behind. This character is a bard who thankfully has been using their inspiration but doesn’t use any of their other abilities or spells to assist the party. The bard has a lot of good stuff too. They have an instrument of the bards, Canaith Mandolin, which gives them so pretty good spells to play around with. They haven’t used it once. Also, at fifth level they got third level spells. I would be fine if they were buffing other characters but they are not. The issue is that combats get more difficult if a character is standing on the sidelines and they are getting other characters killed. I don’t want to be that guy who asks to see their spell list and starts trying to run their character for them. I am not sure what the solution is here to be honest . I guess we will see how things go next session. Later Human People.

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