Summary Part 2.

Picking up were we left off. The party, which I suppose I should tell you consists of a Wizard (Evocation), Druid (Circle of the Moon), Bard (Lore), and a Barbarian (Tempest), is headed for a ruined tower up in the mountains. It is off a ravine pass that connects Headale to Lynwitch (a city a crossed the mountains). The Druid was especially excited as crag cats prowl these mountains. I use the unearthed arcane rules for druids learning wild shapes so he wanted become one. Being a kind human being I gave him the opportunity but man were the dice against him. He eventually succeeded but that is later down the road. They found the ruined tower and I forgot to describe how they heard the screeching of metal from the rusted Gorgon as they approached but added it in after (Fail on my part). I had drawn out a nice little map for them. I described the scene, you know typical ruined tower shit, outer wall in disrepair, collapsing tower, and a large sinkhole. The party attempted to scout out the tower but a poor stealth role had the gorgon charging through one of the walls and it was initiative. The Barbarian attempted to push the gorgon into the sinkhole while the Druid went full Dire wolf and the Wizard decided to search the tower (finding a Spellbook). The bard took this opportunity to try and run away but not far enough as the Gorgon released its poisoned breath which both the Bard and Barbarian failed. Then they failed their other saves and ta da they were statues as the rest of the party advanced in the opposite direction. This did lead us to Black Peggy but a tale for another time.

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