My Current Campaign

My current campaign is probably the best one I have run so far (humble brag). After I TPK’ed my players last characters I had a week to create a new campaign. I set it in the same world as the last campaign but on a different continent. It is surprising how pressure and guilt can motivate a man. Regardless my Bremron campaign has been a lot of fun and that is the measure of success in an cooperative tabletop RPG.

I started them off with a curse. They began at 3rd level and in the employ of Keruxabradaxu “Envoy to the King”. This Golden dragon needed them to look into the disappearance of a friend, Ludwig Mendal, who found him magical artifacts. The search began in Headale, a small mountain town not know for anything of great worth. On arrival the party was informed they had to vacate the town before nightfall. The villagers all had freshly mended clothes and tired expressions so the players new something was up. In true DnD fashion the players did not get out of the town before dark as the wizard got distracted by someone lying about a magical phenomenon. With the fading light of day, all hell broke loose. The villagers of Headale are cursed to suffer a murderous rage and go on a killing spree every night. Some descriptions of gratuitous violence and a successful skill challenge later the party successfully fled the town. On their return the next day they found the villagers alive again and in denial of the previous nights events. After asking around for Ludwig they met the lord of the Village Eidan Kreft “The Young Knight” who told them Ludwig went to investigate a ruined tower up in the mountains but they should take care as the tower is patrolled by a metal bull who breathes green fumes. The party with a little bit of asking around and some oh so good arcana rolls realized this is a Gorgon and it could petrify them. Naturally, they went straight for the tower without trying to find a way to neutralize petrification. I will tell you how that worked out in another post. Later human people.

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