Starting my Current Campaign: The Pitches

For my website being about DnD campaigns I am running, I have neglected to write about my current Campaign. Let me fix that. So following a totally unexpected TPK, the dice gods can be cruel. I had to write another beginning to a campaign in a week. So following Mat Colvilles advice, I wrote my peeps some campaign pitches. I think I gave them 4 home-brew options and of course the modules. One was set in our current setting of Yon Kairon a kinda analogy of the Middle East, vast deserts, tribesmen, the whole shebang. Yon Kairon is also filled with the remaining Old Gods who reside on the mortal plane (mixture of Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Celtic gods from the PHB). While there was some interest the party turned it down. Their previous characters did just die in the desert so understandable. The second option was a goblin campaign. They all kinda joked about it but in the end no one selected it. Third and the one I was routing for was my Dosmyrr campaign. Dosmyrr is kinda a communist empire where everyone fanatically follows the ideology of of the nation. All forms of worship are illegal and people go disappearing all the time. Dosmyrr is also a very powerful expansionist empire. The idea was the party would be graduating from an imperial school that trains adventures to to handle the real nasty stuff the military doesn’t have time for. The school is kinda an indoctrination center and the party would be forced to play ball and follow orders for the beginning of the campaign. Of course asking your party to play along with them basically losing some agency is a hard sell and they passed. The one they all selected was my Bremron Campaign. A medieval analogy that focuses on Dragons which one of my party loved. Bremrons deal is that in order to resist the onslaught of the Dosmyrrian empire they made an oath with metallic dragons. The details of this oath are obscure but with the help of dragons the Bremen were able to repulse Dosmyrr’s invasions. The war is ongoing and border raids are frequent. This oath has seen a large amount of metallic dragons settling in Bremron and not everyone is happy about it as the dominant religion of the Sovereign Host (my take on it anyway) doesn’t like or want the dragons there or their god to be worshiped, tensions are high. The King Andras Wilmot “The Oathking” is also getting older and the Dukes are starting to make plays for power The party selected that they be working for a dragon and that is what they got. Keruxabradaxu “Envoy to the King”, but that is for another time.

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