Running two DnD games.

Hey Human People,

Running a game for two separate groups is a lot like dating two people at the same time (I imagine). What works for one group will not work with the other. My newbie group was the younger girlfriend, you know the one, that wants to go partying, hangout with friends, always on the go, extroverted shit. Never taking things seriously just here for a good time. Now the other group was the classy girl. Likes the finer things, provides sophisticated conversation, invests more into the relationship because she has learned the value of time. The party girls never having played before with one minor exception, rock up to the table to have a good time and really enjoy the social aspect of the game. Now this is not a bad thing, point of the game is to have fun, why do it if it is not fun? The issues arise when no one invests into the story. No one takes notes, remembers why they are doing things, or really cares. They just look to the DM to tell them what happened and then proceed with that. As long as they get to laugh around the table and roll some dice they don’t really care if you are trying to narrate an important plot point while they are chatting and on their phones. The classy girls care about the narrative and engaging with the story. They laugh and tell jokes but are focused in during important moments. They listen and take notes. Not just to the DM but to each other. Both groups taught me something about being a DM. Having a mixture of class and party in your life is never a bad thing, in my humble opinion.

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