My DnD this year.

Hey Human People,

For most of 2018-2019 I have been running two DnD campaigns. One was the lost mines of phandalin for a group of new players and the other was for my old DnD group and was a homebrew. It was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it was also amazeballs. Both of my groups offered a very different experience, they both had things I liked and didn’t like. The new group was made up of a younger crowd than I am used to playing with. Well I am in my 20’s, I tend to find myself hanging out with people in their late thirties. Not surprising when I was the youngest person at my company till this contract year, hence the young group. It was kinda cool to hangout with people my own age while it lasted. Unfortunately two TPK’s later, I was back down to only having one group and it is nice, bit more free time to work on the campaign and this website, but I miss the social connection and when you live in a fishtank its important. While this is my signing off, you have the helm until next time.

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