Hey Human People

So this will be an effort in futility. My own little alter ego. A journal written in the sky. I am going to make a website, living the millennial dream. It will of course be about everyone’s favorite tabletop rpg: DnD and maybe my inner most thoughts and by the religions of the world, I got some stuff to work through. Now I know, I know, the inter web is saturated with great DnD contend from the likes of DnD beyond, Matt Colville, Critical Role, Geek and Sundry and the list goes on and on and on (guitar solo). It is going to suck in the beginning, I know nothing about making a website and a only a little bit more about DnD. Hopefully it will get better and I can spin for you the tales of my DnD sessions, the trials, tribulations, victories, and triumphs. I will also probably post my campaign notes, maps, etc, and occasionally my inner most thoughts. But this is a good start, I am making content and I am so proud of myself . You have the helm, until next time.

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