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Session 24: A Meeting with Kazimir

 The Situation: After spending the day attempting to contact the High Chairs of Seyrine, making contact with Viachaslav (Tsarra’s Friend) and questioning him about the slain dragon and lenses. The party then attended the Morning Star Theater production with Tsarra’s parents and meet up with Viachaslav and his Master KAzimir Ironstaff. This got them a better seat and a telepathic conversation with Kazimir who offered to send them his aid in-plane shifting to the base of the Huntsmen plaguing the Kiths. The party agreed to meet him the next day… Read more Session 24: A Meeting with Kazimir

Session 23: A Star Performance

The Situation: After a heated brunch with Tsarra’s family, the party attempted to gain audiences with the High Chairs of Seyrine. Being informed of the extensive waiting period, the party began thinking of alternative ways to gain admittance to the High Chairs. One such thought was putting on a performance at the Morning Star Theatre. The party eventually abandoned this idea, but still performed at the Lone Song to an approving audience. The following day, they checked back in with the Court of Song and Rosewood Assembly to see if… Read more Session 23: A Star Performance

Session 22: A Family Reunion

The Situation: The party has been reunited and spent the day catching up, planning, and conversing with the Tree Speakers Commune about the troubles in the Dracken Wood and their plans to combat it. After their meeting with the Tree Speakers Commune, Chioh received some advice and aid from Hadarai Othronus and with the coming Dawn, the party prepared to have brunch with Tssarra’s parents. Goals:  Discuss new rules with party Roleplay hard the meeting between Tssara and her parents. Provide some Lore about the world. Have the party meet… Read more Session 22: A Family Reunion

Campaign Diary | Session 21

Session 21: An Elvish City Pre-thoughts: I have not been preparing enough for these sessions. I am not sure what is going on, stress, burnout, or maybe my time management has gone to shit, but I am only preparing the night before for maybe 2-3 hours. I use to spend 4-6 hours prepping a session or worldbuilding. I just get home from work and want to play video games. Fun but not productive for DnD. My idea for this session was just to let the players explore the city which… Read more Campaign Diary | Session 21

Session 21 : An Elvish City

The Situation: The party has arrived at Seyrine after traveling with the Sky Runners Herd. During their travels, they assisted the young centaur Rhan, learned of the Sorrow of Rhun Kalcara, and inquired of the TRee Speakers Commune. Now they find themselves within the walls of Seyrine, a city unconcerned with their mission and where they are outsiders. The party looks to find accommodations at the Inn of the Lone Song. Goals:  Have the party meet up with Tsarra at the Lone Song. Explore the city. Engage with one of… Read more Session 21 : An Elvish City

Campaign Diary | Session 20

Session 20: The Sky Runners Pre-thoughts: I was pretty unprepared for this session. I knew I wanted to get them to Seyrine as I was getting tired of narrating travel and wanted to lay out a plot hook for them to track the group attacking the Kiths. I also wanted to make it difficult for them to get access to important people in Seyrine as they have been flashing the Kings Writ around lately. Still, this was a session that I figured would test my improve skills.  Summary: The party… Read more Campaign Diary | Session 20

Session 20 : The Sky Runners

The Situation: The Party is continuing their journey to Seyrine after finding the remains of the kith of Falling Leaves in Autumn. While investigating the remains they were attacked by Redcaps. Overcoming this assault, they carried on to find a slumbering cave bear, Chioh awakens the bear to befriend it but it was very angry. Devolving to a fight, a local wood elf intervened and left the party with a warning to respect the ways of nature or find themselves unwelcome in the Dracken Wood.  Goals: Have the Party make… Read more Session 20 : The Sky Runners

Campaign Diary | Session 19

Session 19: Falling Leaves Pre-thoughts: This session is all about getting them to Seyrine and trying out a combat encounter to test balancing with the new party of three. I also want to introduce them to a centaur herd and another NPC who can give them more information on the current climate of Seyrine and the Dracken Wood. I also want to do a bit of a lore drop about Dosmyrr’s previous invasion of Bremron. Summary: The party heads deeper into the Dracken Wood, following an illuminating conversation with Mr.… Read more Campaign Diary | Session 19